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Part 22: Bonus Update 12.5: Winterkill Area, Warzone

Bonus Update 12.5: Winterkill Area, Warzone

Thanks to a late surge in votes, the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors is going to be the party's next destination! Ooh, I'm looking forward to this one.

That dungeon we found in the snow is the Golem Dungeon; I figure the information here isn't really a big spoiler at this point, since it was already referred to in the Witch Clouds prophecy. There are a few other areas and quests here that we haven't finished yet: some we can get to fairly soon, while others will have to wait a long time.

We're now at a level where it makes sense to walk around with Day of Protection and Day of Sorcery constantly active when exploring a new area. As long as we've got all our buffs up, Barbarians and Cyclopes are the only enemies down here that can more than mildly inconvenience us. The damage type listed for Barbarians is an error: they do regular old physical damage.

Thickbark is in that one lone square of forest in the snow on the eastern side of the map, and the troll lair is in that empty-looking clearing to the south. Also, Tito's book is in the forest near the eastern edge of the snow. All the other points of interest in this region should be fairly easy to find.

Not too much to say about the Warzone, but that is some top-class beholder-fighting action in the art down the bottom of the page. It's possible to leave the Warzone without fighting a battle, if you're not feeling confident: the arena master will deposit you just outside the entrance. The hintbook claims you can only fight in the Warzone a limited number of times, but I don't particularly feel inclined to find out what that limit is.

See you next time, readers, for the terrifying thirteenth update of Let's Play World of Xeen!