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Part 24: Bonus Update 13.5: Tomb of a Thousand Terrors

Bonus Update 13.5: Tomb of a Thousand Terrors

Well, the latest voting results sure have been interesting. Seems like a lot of people want me to push ahead and do Newcastle and Asp in the space of a single update, since individually they'd each be a little on the short side. Fair enough: I'll see what I can do!

Not too much to say about this dungeon that wasn't already covered in the update. The only ways into the enclosed central area are to use the sparkly teleporters or cast the Teleport spell. In total, the tomb contains 4 doses of Red and Yellow tomb juice, 3 doses of Green, and 2 doses of Blue, Orange, Purple and White. That's a total of 95 points of stat boosts! As soon as your party's strong enough to survive the monsters and traps, this is a dungeon well worth visiting. (Plus, you'll have to visit it sooner or later to find the Megacredits you need to win the game.)

See you all next update!