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Part 34: Bonus Update 18.5: Tower of High Magic

Bonus Update 18.5: Tower of High Magic

I can see which way the wind is blowing: the 10ish votes so far are unanimous for outdoors. So be it!

I told you the Flying Feet were weak. Look at those stats. They're not even as strong as some of the monsters way back in the Red Dwarf Range.

Remember, watch out for the big open central areas of the first three floors: that's where the hidden traps are.

A fall from the Tower of High Magic's cloud world probably won't kill anyone if you're tough enough to make it there in the first place, but it won't exactly be fun either. The gems aren't all that numerous, so the main reason to explore up here is the offerings. They're not quite the most powerful items you can find in Clouds of Xeen, but they're pretty close.

See you next update!