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Part 36: Bonus Update 19.5: Desert of the Sphinx

Bonus Update 19.5: Desert of the Sphinx

There was a surprisingly strong showing for more outdoor exploration, but in the end Castle Basenji won the day.

Sand Worms really don't give out very much experience for how powerful they are: they're certainly much more dangerous than Barbarians. As usual, the bulk of our XP gains come from completed quests, not combat.

This map covers most of the desert. The area around Asp is covered on a different page, along with some other places we haven't been to yet.

Speaking of places we haven't been to, you may also notice a bit of land in the far northwest corner -- in fact, you may have noticed similar pieces of land in the southwest and southeast corners of the world as well, near Winterkill and the Witch Tower. They do exist for a reason, but we won't be able to do anything productive with them until much, much later.

See you next time, readers!