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Part 38: Bonus Update 20.5: Castle Basenji

Bonus Update 20.5: Castle Basenji

We've got some very close voting going on this time, but by a margin of just two votes the Northern Sphinx wins the day!

As people in the thread have said, the main danger in Castle Basenji is not the enemies but the traps. If you're at a high enough level to get to the castle in the first place without being horribly killed by Sand Worms, then you should be okay as long as you advance cautiously, keep your protective spells up and rest when you're low on health.

The entrance to the castle is in the southeast corner of the ground floor, while the stairs leading up to the Scroll of Insight are at the far northern end of the long outer corridor on the second floor. It's worth exploring the whole castle for the permanent stat and resistance boosts on offer, although you can probably afford to leave the more harmful scrolls behind.