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Part 46: Bonus Update 24.5: Dragon Cave

Bonus Update 24.5: Dragon Cave

I just realised I hadn't yet done a bonus update for the latest dungeon, so while you're waiting for the next full update here's a little something to tide you over.

Those dead-end passages up at the northern end of the dungeon are extra devious: there's a Dragon Tax urn at every corner, and once you get to the end it turns out there's nothing there and you have to walk all the way back and get taxed again!

But while the urns are the most annoying thing about the dungeon, they're not the most deadly. The Dragon King is in the large southeastern cave, and as you saw in the update, even a party that can easily handle the other dragons can be wiped out in a couple of his attacks. If you're finding him impossibly difficult, there's no shame in waiting until you've got some more levels and equipment from Darkside.

Next time: Darzog's tower. I'll try not to keep you waiting much longer!