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Part 48: Bonus Update 25.5: Darzog's Tower, Newcastle

Bonus Update 25.5: Darzog's Tower, Newcastle

The writeup for Darzog's Tower tells us what we already know: it's full of irritating traps, and the monsters hit hard but die easily. Darzog and his clones have a Speed of 35, so it helps if as many of your party members as possible can outspeed him.

The layout of the tower is deceptively straightforward, especially level 2, which is basically a checkerboard of teleporting floor traps.

Since we've finally completed Newcastle, let's take a look at that too! This is what it looks like before the castle is fully rebuilt: as you can see, it's not much to write home about. Once you get the stone for the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors, you can just turn around and leave if you don't feel like picking up some minor treasures.

By contrast, the completed Newcastle makes a fine home base, with all the most important day-to-day amenities an adventurer needs. The benefit from the well isn't the best, but it's something.

You're close to the endgame by the time you unlock Newcastle Dungeon, but the treasure you can find in here is still good for seeing you through to the end. Keeping Potions of the Gods on hand in your toughest characters' inventories would be a solid alternate startegy for fighting the Dragon King.