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Part 50: Bonus Update 26.5: Clouds of Xeen

Bonus Update 26.5: Clouds of Xeen

Don't worry too much about the stat requirements for winning each game. Some stats are hard to get above 100 in Clouds, but even with a low stat you can just keep trying until you win.

Castle Xeen is a fairly short dungeon, but short isn't the same as easy. Xeen's Guards, Xeen's Pet and the floor traps can all inflict massive damage to your party if you let them. Turning off the generators that power the traps should be the first thing you do: after that, you just have to make sure you have the sword and fight your way through to Lord Xeen.

Incidentally, the game accepts "Lord Xeen" as a valid mirror portal code, taking you straight to Lord Xeen's throne room. If you want, you can use "I lost it" to get a Xeen Slayer Sword, use "Lord Xeen" to confront Lord Xeen, and skip straight to the endgame without finishing any of the main plot quests. Even if you do this, the game still acts as if you rescued Crodo in the ending: it's not really set up to anticipate that kind of cheating.

See you on the Darkside!