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Part 54: Bonus Update 28.5: Castleview Sewers

Bonus Update 28.5: Castleview Sewers

Thanks to a strong showing from the pro-boot voting bloc, Ellinger's Tower has won this update's voting by a comfortable margin, so we'll get to see a little more of the main plot next update. Darkside's plot is quite a bit weirder than Clouds, and I mean that in the best possible way.

Valio is by far the most dangerous enemy in Castleview Sewers, and you can always come back and fight him later (or not pick a fight with him at all) if he's giving you trouble. The rest of the enemies down here are pretty manageable for a party that's gained a few levels, and it's actually worth considering clearing out the sewers before you take on Gettlewaithe: there's plenty of treasure to be had here, and the stat boosts from the barrels will help too.