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Part 68: Bonus Update 36.5: Great Southern Tower

Bonus Update 36.5: Great Southern Tower

The votes have been tallied, and the party's next destination is the bustling desert town of Sandcaster! Also, a lot of you want me to enter via the sewers, instead of going in the front door like a normal person. Well, okay then. I can do that.

Unlike the other towers we've seen so far, the Great Southern Tower can be entered from the top without opening up a passage from inside first. That means you can explore the whole tower without having the key, if you're willing to brave the skyroads to reach the upper entrance. Getting the door at the top open requires a good thief, though: Trish took several attempts.

The description in the hintbook of what the second-floor gong does seems to be wrong: at least, it didn't summon any thieves when I used it. I'm not sure what exactly it does, but it might unlock some of the gates on that floor if you haven't unlocked them already. There are also some errors in the monster entries -- the Thief's attack should do 1-100 damage rather than 100, for example.

One thing that leaves me a little dissatisfied about the towers in World of Xeen is that they're so small that there isn't much room for complicated layout. The Great Southern Tower has enough little tricks and traps to give it the feel of a thieves' lair, but in the end it's still pretty straightforward. Oh well.

Next time, look forward to adventure and danger in the desert!