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Part 82: Bonus Update 44.5: Lakeside

Bonus Update 44.5: Lakeside

Necropolis has won the vote by a landslide (or perhaps, given its location, by a pyroclastic flow), so the party will be clearing out another town next update.

I'm going to be honest: Lakeside is not the most exciting town in the game. All there really is to find is one skill, one quest item, a little treasure, some decent stat boosts and the pass to Necropolis. The magic guild would be okay except that the vast majority of the spells available there are also sold at Sandcaster -- and at this point I'd just like to reemphasise that it's impossible to get to Lakeside without having visited Sandcaster.

There are a few different entrances to the sewer, but they're all connected underground. Check the sewer drains for potions, grab the statuette and buy the Prayer Master skill for your Clerics and Paladins.

Next time, look forward to death!