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Part 84: Bonus Update 45.5: Necropolis

Bonus Update 45.5: Necropolis

As usual, you've decided to avoid the main plot for as long as possible, so next time the party will be doing some outdoor exploration!

Since the monsters are fairly threatening and can appear in large groups, it's a good idea to come to Necropolis at a reasonably high level and well-equipped. Of course, if you're not those things when you first arrive, you definitely will be after you leave, thanks to all the Books of the Dead and treasure-filled coffins.

The sewer is, if anything, probably less dangerous than the town above, as long as you keep Protection from Fire up. If nobody in your party has the 1500+ max HP needed to survive eating the Food of the Dead, a free experience level is probably worth dying for: just set a Lloyd's Beacon outside a temple in another town so you can easily revive whoever eats the food.

See you outdoors!