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Part 88: Bonus Update 47.5: Castle Blackfang

Bonus Update 47.5: Castle Blackfang

Castle Blackfang, like Lakeside, is one of those areas whose difficulty feels out of whack for its placement in the game: it's significantly easier than the Dungeon of Lost Souls, and yet you can't get here without having been through the Dungeon of Lost Souls. If your cleric has a high enough Armour Class, none of the monsters except the Octopods will be able to do anything at all to you.

The castle mostly serves as a nice place to pick up top-tier treasure in preparation for the endgame. As a bare minimum, you want obsidian weapons for everyone except your Cleric and Sorcerer, plus as much energy resistance gear as you can get. Armour class becomes less important from this point on, although there are still a couple of enemies with powerful physical attacks in the postgame.

Next update, we're going to visit the Dragon Pharaoh. See you there!