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Part 94: Bonus Update 50.5: Castle Alamar

Bonus Update 50.5: Castle Alamar

Castle Alamar doesn't have much in the way of treasure, but the free levels from the Xeen Power Juice are worth their weight in gold, or would be if levels had weight. I'm not gonna bother censoring out Prince Roland's location: we already know he's in the dungeon.

All of the enemies are on the ground floor or in the dungeon, and it's actually possible to avoid them completely and still reach Sheltem if you beeline straight ahead to the stairs when you first enter the castle. Of course, avoiding the dungeon would mean you wouldn't find the hint to the puzzle on the third floor, so you'd have to solve it by trial and error if you didn't know the solution already... but technically, it can be done.

Next time, we return to the Dragon Pharaoh and see what unfinished business he has with us!