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Military Madness

by Polybius91

Part 1: Introduction

So, who's fighting on the moon and why? Since it's an 80's game, Military Madness's story is almost nonexistent, but I have a few things to say about what's there.

Is there actually anything important on the moon? I mean, I know there's iron and silicon and stuff but as I recall it's all in oxides and stuff so you couldn't really extract it.

That last sentence wasn't actually in the original Japanese. Why, I don't know, since it suddenly tacks evil empires and terror on to what sounds like just typical international bickering.

Okay, isn't that a bit much? I mean, it's not like we're gonna die if they have the moon. Who needs a dead space rock anyway?

Oh. Can't have that then, can we?

Allies? Axis? This isn't quite how I recall World War II playing out.

The Axis really suck at naming things. "S.A.M." makes me think think of a tiny surface-to-air missile hitting Earth and somehow making the whole planet explode.

Suddenly, color!

It's saddening to know that even in the future, exclamation mark abuse and awkward title-drops still plague humanity. Jokes aside, I actually like where they went with the story here. Usually in strategy games that take place in the future, the story is all about intergalactic warfare between alien empires. It's nice to see something a bit closer to home where, even though the moon has been colonized, it still seems cold and remote.

Anyway, I hope you guys didn't get too attached to the story because it's going to have to step out until  we beat the game.