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by Blind Sally

Part 1

Neige posted:

Okay, I'll bite: 2x2 starting from the upper left

Well, well, well. You've done this before, haven't you, Pvt. Neige? Excellent work.

Iringahn posted:

Dead center.


Goddamnit, no! That is not how you sweep mines, Pvt. Iringahn! Jesus! We've got our first corpse and a whole lot of mess to clean up now. You can all thank Pvt. Iringahn for that, cause I sure as hell ain't cleaning that up.

Least they remembered the "sir", the little rapscallion. You earned your Maple Heart.

Let's try this again. Who's up?




Ah, yes. The "Four Corners" strategy. A sound tactical decision, straight out of the rookie playbook.

So far, so good, Pvt. CARRIERHASARRIVED. Let's see how well your theory holds up on each of those corners.

Bravo. Bravo. But be warned, this isn't always a sure-fire strategy. Sometimes the mines are in the corners! I've lost many raw recruits, friends too, to people who were too overeager to use the Four Corners method. There's one thing you can be sure of in Minesweeping, and that's that you can never be sure! Pvt. anilEhilated, there is no longer a centre square. Why don't you make another choice.

Neige posted:

Okay. On the south-west quadrant and ONLY that quadrant, flag the topmost square, flag the rightmost square, click below the 2 that's on top...


I do believe you're onto something, Pvt. Neige. Now if you rookies all gather 'round and have a look-see, you'll notice we now have a "3" on the board. "But Sergeant Apone, I don't even know what the other numbers mean!" Blank squares mean there are no nearby mines. If a square has a number on it, that means there's a mine adjacent to it. The number tells you how many. The "3" tells us there's one more mine next to that square aside from the two that Pvt. Neige has already flagged for us.

Shit, I suppose I should have mentioned that before Pvt. Iringhan got blasted. Uhh--

anilEhilated posted:

Center being no longer an option, I say middle tile of the top row.

*ahem* Good work, Pvt. anilEhilated. You've cleared up some of the upper grid.

Neige posted:

Alright men, I got this.

Still south-west quadrant: flag the square directly underneath the 3, the rest are safe to click.

We just might yet make soldiers out of you lot.