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Original Thread: We should go for a run; Let's Play "Mirror's Edge"


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Mirror's Edge is a first person platformer with some gun play developed by EA DICE. It was released on PS3 and XBox 360 in November 2008 and a Windows version was released January 2009. A Time Trial Map Pack was released for the game in February 2009 but it is incompatible with the Steam version of Mirror's Edge.

The game is set in an unnamed dystopian city that seems to be safe and comfortable at its pristine surface but only made possible by its totalitarian regime. All communication is monitored, all media is controlled, and all semblance of due process and democracy is a sham. Opposition to the regime is often violently crushed as shown by events 18-years before the start of the game.

You play as Faith Connors who is a "Runner", a courier of physical communiqués used to circumvent monitoring by the regime. She navigates through the city mostly by the rooftops while navigating obstacles using movements inspired by parkour. A major game mechanic is momentum. As Faith moves faster, her momentum modifies how effective her actions are from the obvious like jump distance and less the obvious like melee damage.

To aid player in navigating the city, the game features a system called "Runner Vision". As Faith approaches important environmental features like horizontal bars, ladders, and pipes, the features will be highlighted in red. This system can be turned off completely and is unavailable on Hard difficulty.

Finally, while there are guns in Mirror's Edge, the downsides to gun play prevents Mirror's Edge from playing like a shooter. When holding a gun, Faith's max speed is reduced which can make certain obstacles impossible to circumvent when holding a gun. Additionally, Faith cannot reload any gun which relegates guns to short-term power.

LP Style
Mirror's Edge is a very busy game and, as such, commentary will be light. The LP will be played assuming that the viewer has never played Mirror's Edge before and will try to give the viewer just enough information to see what Faith trying to do. It will not be played like a speedrun and employ glitches or use moves that only make sense if Faith can see into the future (will try to avoid it anyway). However, if you want to do a speedrun in the thread, feel free though I won't put speedruns of a particular level into the OP until after I LP that level.


Faith Connors

Faith is the 24-years old protagonist. She works as a "Runner" often employed by revolutionary groups. After fleeing from the police, Faith tries to gather more information to help her sister who is being charged with murder. Faith is trying to save Kate after Kate was taken.

She is on the run with Kate.


Mercury, more commonly called "Merc", is a former-Runner/current-Tracker who now trains new Runners, source them work, and provide them radio and intelligence during jobs. Faith works as one of his Runners.

Died trying to protect Kate.


Celeste is one of Drake's Runners along with Kreeg. She is Faith's friend and helped Faith practice after Faith had recovered from a job-related injury.

Celeste is working for Project Icarus and training the police runners. She sees the end of the runners as something inevitable and she wants to have a future after that happens. She is the one that killed Pope and Ropeburn.

Kate Connors

Kate is Faith's sister and a police officer. However, she is being charged with murder and the only person she can rely on for help is Faith.

On the run with Faith.


Jacknife is a former-Runner with unknown allegiances at the moment. After a chase, Jacknife suggested that Ropeburn might know something about Pope's murder and Kate's framing.

Apparently is involved with Project Icarus. Which makes it weird that he told Faith about Ropeburn in the first place.

Lt. Miller

Lieutenant Miller is Kate's boss and thus a police officer. Kate told Faith to approach Miller if things go wrong which Faith does. He doesn't quite trust Faith but believes in Kate. However, he was seen talking to Ropeburn.

Gunshots were heard while he was helping Faith. Fate is unknown.

Travis Burfield aka Ropeburn

Ropeburn is an ex-wrestler who was Robert Pope's Head of Security. He was involved in framing Kate, getting Pope killed, and knows about the mysterious Project Icarus. Told Faith where to meet Pope's murderer and was about to tell more before he got interrupted.

He feel to the ground after getting shot by Celeste. Probably dead.


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Bonus Episode

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Some screenshots

Chapter 4

The first you see from "the Janitor". Seems like a helpful fellow. Wonder if he is Glenn Matthews.

He made a mistake earlier and seems to be a fan of nature.

Has a questionable diploma though. I dunno why but something seems off.

Seems curious about who is taking out the doors. Not sure if it is Faith since she doesn't break any door.


Chapter 5

Serdaristan is a fictional country from Battlefield: Bad Company which was developed by DICE (Mirror's Edge developer).

Chapter 6

Also, some images of the notes.

Note to Mark

Mark's Email

Note to Milton

Chapter 7

Drawing with a tiny Faith in it.

Let's have some fun and do some speed runs. Maybe even do some time trials after we finish the game.

Only the time from the in-game clock will be posted so don't worry about skipping cutscenes perfectly.

See how other goons play the game or show off your own way!



02:08.60 (real-time) - Rising-Grandpa with commentary

02:13.31 - Corbeau

02:22.00 - MGN001

Chapter 1:

04:27.02 - Rising-Grandpa with commentary
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