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Original Thread: My name is Fred and I'm looking for my dog. Mission: Impossible VLP


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What is this?
We'll be playing the Nintendo 64 version of Mission: Impossible. This game is based on the 1996 film of the same name, staring Tom Cruise. The game itself was released on July 18, 1998. The game was actually canceled in Japan and delayed for over a year in America.

Who are you guys?

What can I expect from this LP?
While we have a limited knowledge of the game and have played through a few early levels, we will largely be flying blind through this LP. A few of us have actually never seen the game before, and I haven't played through it in at least 8 years. Therefore, don't expect a lot of detailed information on the game. You'll likely be learning as much as we are. The game features two difficulty levels: Possible and Impossible. We will naturally be playing through on the harder one, Impossible.

You guys are terrible at this game...
The IGN review noted that the game features a "learn-by-dying" playstyle, and we have already begun to experience that fully. Yes, we die on the first level. And the third. Fourth too. The point is, this game is both really bad and really hard. We're playing it so you don't have to!

How often will you be updating?
All of us here have fairly turbulent schedules, but will do our best to put out a new update (or two) a week. The game is split into five missions, and from there into levels (the number of which per mission varies). We will try to include a couple of levels in each update, depending on their independent length.


Mission 1: Ice Hit
Episode 1: Lundkwist BaseViddler Veoh
Louder game audio editionViddler 
Episode 2: SubpenViddler Veoh
Louder game audio editioViddler 
Mission 2: Recover NOC List
Episode 1: Embassy FunctionViddler Veoh
Episode 2: WarehouseViddler Veoh
Episode 3: K.G.B. HQViddler Veoh
Episode 4: Security HallwayViddler Veoh
Episode 5: Sewage ControlViddler Veoh
Episode 6: EscapeViddler Veoh
Bonus: First attempts at M2E6 EscapeViddler Veoh
Episode 7: Fire AlarmViddler Veoh
Mission 3: CIA Escape
Episode 1: Interrogation - Failures: 5, Successful run @ 25:33Viddler Veoh
Episode 2: CIA Rooftop - Failures: 4, Successful run @ 14:40Viddler Veoh
Episode 3: Terminal Room - Failures: 20, Successful run @ 29:32Viddler Veoh
Episode 4: Rooftop Escape - Failures: 8, Successful run @ 17:15Viddler Veoh
Mission 4: Mole Hunt
Episode 1: Station - Failures: 7, Successful run @ 13:16Viddler Veoh
Episode 2: Train Car - Failures: 4, Successful run @ 10:15Viddler Veoh
Episode 3: Train Roof
-First attemptsViddler Veoh
-Level completionViddler Veoh
Episode 1: Subpen
-First attemptsViddler Veoh
-Another attemptViddler Veoh
-Yet another attemptViddler Veoh
-Yep, another oneViddler Veoh
-Proof of successViddler Veoh
Episode 2: Tunnel - Failures: NoneViddler Veoh
Episode 3: Mainland
-First AttemptsViddler Veoh
-Successful RunViddler Veoh
Episode 4: Gunboat + Secret Bonus Level!!!Viddler Veoh

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