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Original Thread: Monster hunter: Plants and animals genocide simulator, the megathread.



Monster hunter is considered by many an offline MMO, due to it's heavy emphasis of gathering materials for better armor and weapons, killing large bosses repeatedly for a chance on drops, as well as the online co-op gameplay. Monster hunter seems to sell very well in the east, while in the west the market is sparse, due to the lack of interest in the series. At the moment of the lets play, there are several Monster hunter games as well as a MMO of Monster hunter that only the east has access to. Monster Hunter Freedom is the PSP version of Monster Hunter with extra features, such as new colored bosses known as subspecies and a Felyne kitchen. Monster Hunter Freedom is the American name, while Monster Hunter Portable is used in Japan. Both games are essentially the same. If you're looking up to play a monster hunter game for yourself, I recommend Monster hunter: Tri or Tri ultimate depending on if you have a Wii, or a WiiU.

The online play comes into play from freedom unite and forward, there are just aren't anyone to crank out freedom videos with, that and this videos series of the first gen monster hunter is just for demonstrative purposes. While I would like it if I could show off some multiplayer only monsters in the first gen game engine, there just aren't anyone available to do it with.

I'll be playing Monster hunter freedom as something on the side, as there is nothing that monster hunter freedom unite doesn't do better, it will be more to show off the game and the first generation monster hunter game engine to people that are interested in it, though I suspect many will just skip it over, but I like to show as much off as I can.

I'll be be doing live and post commentary. My Live commentary is mostly an experiment, I can't promise it will be insightful or interesting, you might hear some complaining and screaming or mindless droning and stuttering, though on the other hand if that is your thing.

I did have thread interactivity, I allowed people to vote on the characters and weapons I used, mostly people just voted on weapons they wanted me to use. I didn't get many character creation votes, though I did get one character concept made up in the character generator for the first gen of the game series, the rest I made myself. The final voting tally for weapons was as such.

Voting tally:
Hammer: 6
Sword and shield: 1
Dual swords: 5
Lance: 6

The tie breaker vote from my editor that likes to point out my mistakes and taunt me was lances!

If a thumbnail says dual commentary, then the thumbnail will have post commentary, there will be a separate link on the side for those that want to listen to solo live commentary. Another thing about post and live commentary, post commentary videos will be edited and cut down for the viewers and commentators ease, while live commentary is the uncut video for obvious reasons. If you wish to see how the video is uncut, then you might want to have a look at the live commentary.

When you see icons next to the episode icon, it is an indicator of what kind of mission it will be, if you don't want to see exploration and gathering, you can easily spot what missions to skip, and what missions types you want to watch, I'll try my best to condense them, so the video only contains that kind of mission in them. The following icons are.

Obviously a tutorial, these will only be seen in the start of a game.
Weapons demonstration videos, me showing off each weapon and whatever new gimmicks they might have gotten in later generation games.
Exploration, not much action will happen in the, I'll chat with npc's explore the areas and show them off mainly.
Gathering missions, these will typically involve me picking up plants, or mining for certain items and so on.
Slaying missions are kind of like hunting missions, only you just stick to small fry and kill a number of the little monsters.
The meat and potatoes of monster hunter, these are missions where you kill large monsters, as the game progresses they will only get bigger and nastier.
These fights are gimmick fights. It ranges from monsters so tough you can't take em out in one go, with breaks and health carrying on to the next time you fight them, to defending towns and fortresses against giant monsters.

(2)(3) (Live commentary.)
(Live commentary.)
(2)(Live commentary.)

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