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Part 6: The Road to D Class

1Yr. 7Mo. 3Wk.

I mentioned my plans for Chucky in my last post; here they are in easy-to-digest form. I couldn't sign up for the official tournament this week until he finished two more qualifiers, so that's not on the list, but I scheduled rest that week anyway.

The results of that training?

A bit of a mixed bag, as you can see. On the other hand, I have no complaints about his combat performance. Here's the highlight reel, starting with the Hydrangea Cup.

Chucky hit this Hare so hard it looked like it was in two places at once.

You have to be a certain brand of crazy to raise a Ducken, but I have to give it credit; it survived Chucky's FireCharge.

The Wild Slash that followed pretty much crushed its head, though.

Next was the Bamboo Cup. As you can see, it's a round-robin format, so I expected Chucky to have to fight each of these opponents.

After he one-shotted that Suezo, though...

...the Mogi's rancher didn't want to risk his monster. Too bad. I haven't seen one yet.

So Chucky's second fight became his last, against this Antlan. It looks pretty cool with the Golem subtyping. And it even survived the FireCharge, or as I'm starting to call it, the 'win button'.

I guess Chucky took offense at that, because he stopped obeying my orders. Still, he got the job done in the end.

Anyway, I'm off to the official tournament this week. If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to say hi!