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by Trenchfoot

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Original Thread: Escher (Blue)Prints: Monument Valley VLP



I have never heard of this game.

That's cool. Monument Valley is a mobile game by the distressingly indie developers at ustwo in which we guide a rather quiet Princess Ida through the ruins of her long-dead kingdom. These "ruins" are surprisingly cheerful, if a bit strange, and interacting with them rather than with Ida directly is how we'll be doing the majority of our exploration.

It's basically like being trapped in an MC Escher music box.



So how's this gonna go?

In a word: low-key. Each update will be about ten minutes, maybe less, (The first two are really short but it gets better, honest) and I'll be running subtitles to intrude as little as I can. The puzzles are pretty straightforward, and there's little room for audience participation, but even with that, Monument Valley has to be seen (and heard) to be believed.

Thread stuff?

No spoilers, I guess? There's not much to really preempt here, but let's keep all discussion to current and previous levels, just because their design is a really big part of how this game is experienced and we don't want to ruin the surprise. Updates every Tuesday and Thursday.

Any other questions?

Nope, I'm good.

Then without further ado:

Let me tell you a story,

Once upon a time
There was a brave princess
From a quiet kingdom
Who wanted to set things right.
She traveled the long-forgotten Valley
With its paths of dust
And its pillars of regret.
There were many strange adventures,
And when she came to the end of her journey
She received a wonderful reward

Appendix i: On Fleeing from lava
Appendix ii: On Twisting, weirdly
Appendix iii: On Wretched thievery
Appendix iv: On Relaxing with Water Puzzles
Appendix v: On Losing something precious
Appendix vi: On Surreality
Appendix vii: On the sides of boxes
Appendix viii: Onwards

Awakening from a pleasant dream

Warning: Contains spoilers. Sort of.

Thanks, Grimwit!
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