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by Musical_Daredevil

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Original Thread: We're watching you play Morrowind... scum.


This LP is also available on the Internet Archive! Some video LPs are kindly hosted by the folks on This means the original source videos will always be available for download or watching, even if the original video hosts are no longer available!


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is an RPG developed by Bethesda Softworks for the PC and Xbox. When released in 2002, it offered players an unprecedented amount of freedom. Players could join factions, take sides and complete a myriad of quests with multiple solutions, all while traversing a 10 square mile continent. A complex character creation system allowed players to tune their character to best match their playing style for a world which increases in difficulty as they increase in skill. The game has won numerous awards since its release including GameSpy's Game of the Year and IGN RPG Vault's Game of the Year.

This freedom for character creation and quest choice, not to mention the game's popularity, will drive the format of this LP. Rather than have just me play the game, I will be opening up the faction and side-quest lines in the game to any interested LPer while I handle the main quest. Anyone on SA will be allowed to LP a quest line and show it off to the thread.

Main Quest
1 Character Creation and Starting Out Youtube
2 Dr. aredevil, Private Investigator Youtube
3 Vigilantism is Profitable Youtube
4 To Balmora! Youtube
5 Stealing Ancient Artifacts for Fun and Profit Youtube
6 Deja Vu Youtube
7 Brown Youtube
8 That's not how friendship works! Youtube
9 This may kill you but try it anyway Youtube
10a Don't mind me, just breaking out of jail Youtube
10b Texttexttexttext Youtube
11 Nightmare Fuel Youtube
12 Let's go do a trial! (featuring: Master Stur) Youtube
13 Brown Redux (featuring: Master Stur) Youtube
14 Progress! Youtube
15 The Magic of Editing (Featuring: WanderingMinstrelI) Youtube
16 So Much for Social Mobility (Featuring: Master Stur) Youtube
17 You Can't Veto Me If You're Dead Youtube
18 Hey, let me tell you about this dream I just had! Youtube
19 Who the hell names their kid Crassius? Youtube
20 House of Old People Youtube
21 Murder: Part VII Youtube
22 That big criminal guy, yeah that's me Youtube
23 Not too much of a boss, are you? Youtube
24 Youtube
25 Small Dungeon, Big Rewards Youtube
26a The Sixth House is Awfully Chatty Today Youtube
26b Dagoth Ur Loves Lava Youtube
27 Ending Cutscene and Credits Youtube

1 We make a mess of things Viddler
2 There are a few ways you can do this, and the choice is yours. But seriously give me the key. Viddler
3 A not so familiar face showing another side of the Thieves Guild some people may not have seen Viddler
4 Missybliss and her forest friends Viddler
5 Repo-Prison-Blackmail-Rock Viddler
7 I am speaking in riddles if you know what I mean

0 Samarys Ancestral Tomb Youtube
1 On the Eggmine Beat
2 Beating up a Necromancer (Note: )
3 Spec. Ops: Rescue
4 Detective T-Pain
5 When good raiders go bad
6 Nobgobbler: Asshole (Featuring: MothMonsterMan)

1 My Kingdom for a Bowl Viddler
2 A Haunting Experience Viddler
3 As We feed the Poor Viddler
4 A Witch Hunt Viddler

1 Viddler Youtube
2 I think you've had enough Sujamma for today, buddy Viddler YouTube
3a Youtube
3b Viddler Youtube
4 Youtube

1 Let's Pick Flowers and Shop! (Featuring: Galahaut) Youtube
2 How many Cliff Racers was that again? (Featuring: Galahaut) Youtube
3 More Fetch Quests! Youtube

1 Getting Started (Featuring: Soapynome) Hosted (HD) Hosted (SD) Blip.TV Viddler YouTube
2 First Quest (Featuring: Soapynome) Hosted (HD) Hosted (SD) Blip.TV Viddler YouTube

Master Stur:
Piano arrangement of the Morrowind theme
Improv variation of the Morrowind theme
Piano arrangement of the Skyrim Theme

Vanilla Bison gets revenge on an image of ZeniMax Headquarters.

Thread title by: C-Euro

Cliff Racer Kill Count: 43

Some do it by spells. Some do it by alchemy. Some do it by selling Ordinator armor and training themselves. Yet others do it by enchantments. Some do it by reading several guides, while others may do it completely unintentionally. Whatever your style, Morrowind offers limitless possibilities to break your game and make yourself a god, possibly before even starting the game's main quest.

Should you choose to enter the contest, you have between the time of this post and the time of the update when aredevil_MD reaches Red Mountain to begin the final quest to post either a video of no longer than 10 minutes or a series of no more than 10 screenshots showing how you broke The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. This contest is open to both LPers and non-LPers.

You may use any form of commentary (audio, subbed, or image captions) and video/image editing to enhance your entry. The video and screenshots can be any format you choose as long as they're viewable, although I ask that you keep your filesizes or image sizes low so it doesn't take forever to load. I am also limiting submissions to 2 per person.

You may use mods while breaking the game, however you cannot use them as the sole means of breaking your game. For example, you can use Galsiah's Character Development while leveling your strength to 1 million, but you cannot mod yourself a maxed-out sword and then use only that to, say, kill Vivec.

You are allowed to contain plot spoilers in your entry (in fact, I will assume your entry contains spoilers), however if you're using screenshots and you do include spoilers, you must post them off-site using LPix or another host.

I will allow some small exceptions to these rules if they make your entry more entertaining.

I will give at least a week's notice before I post the first Red Mountain update (which may take a while, because if I LP the expansions I will do them first). Once I post it, submissions will be closed and the thread will vote for the best entry during the following week. The entry which receives the most votes will receive an SA forums certificate for up to $10.

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