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Mort the Chicken

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: The brave hero Mortimer Chicken VS The Cubes! - Mort the Chicken [VLP]



Let's Play Mort the Chicken

Mort the Chicken is a 3d platformer for the PS1 that is nothing like its contemporaries. It's not open-world, at least not open open (Mario 64, Rocket Robot on Wheels), it doesn't have mechanics that reinvent the genre's standards or create deep challenges, (Glover, Chameleon Twist 1/2), but... it does have presentation nailed down. The game feels more like a made-for-DVD surrealistic kids flick than an actual game, for better or worse. That's not to say the gameplay is abhorrent or joyless, but it's not something anyone would expect to see when they hear "3D platforming".

I'm going to be speeding through the game showing off elite, expert runs of each stage, by which I mean ignoring all the "for points" collectibles and only fulfilling the goals required to complete the game.


Maybe it's okay to be brave.
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