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Part 46: Scaling the Scraper (1)

Since our excursion into the sewers, a bunch more people have popped up in the area. Most of the people first here have no new dialogue, so let's talk to the new ones for a bit.

You found the dog? Good for you.

You know, like, when you eat a giant hamburger, your hands get sticky and gooey?! And, like, even when you open your mouth really wide, it still won't fit? Avocado burgers are especially tough to eat. 'Cause, like, everything slides around and everything. Don't you agree? Like, it makes me wonder why girls always order avocado burgers and stuff.

Hey, do you know the secret to girls? You don't know?! How old ARE you?! Geez, get your act together, you moron! Girls, you see, like guys they can count on. Do you got what it takes to be like that? You idiot! Think about it on your own! Think about if you have what it takes or not. C'mon! Quit it! Stop asking me questions! I told you, think about it on your own! Inside your head!

So I've noticed.

Most of the new people have no real dialogue, just repeating a word two times or variations (Like "Hey. Hey." or "Left. Right."). Not worth talking to.

There's also more people from Tazmily that just arrived.

In one way or another, everyone on the island has gathered here in this city. Even I was tricked into coming here. Is Flint here too...?

It looks fun and everything on the outside, but this city gives me the creeps.

I went to the arcade, but all these creepy guys were basically glued to their machines and wouldn't give me a turn.

I'm certainly glad we've come here, but we still have no place to live. There are other people who prefer to party non-stop, though.

People are flocking to this city one after the other after the other. Doesn't the city seem more packed with people than before?

Don't worry, they don't fight. Or bite. I wonder how they wound up like this.

L49 is when Kumatora gets Thunder Gamma, which casts Thunder three times and can go through shields/counters. L50 is a big level for Lucas, as that's when he gets Lifeup Omega. This tech restores around 250HP to the entire party. 28PP isn't too bad at this stage of the game, but also it's the only way to heal the entire party. This of course ends up being crazy useful at this stage of the game and can significantly trivialize future encounters.

Police have police things that keep them busy.

I'm so incredibly busy. Go somewhere else. Baked yam sellers have baked yam things that keep them busy.

I guess in that way, this city might not be half bad at all.

Boy, New Pork City doesn't make any sense. I can't tell if it's kiddie-like, creepy, disgusting, flashy, or what.

You may notice we can't go to the right now due to the crowd. We can still access every place in the city, we just may have to do a bit more walking now to avoid the crowds.

My heart is always filled with the rules of the road.


Not that there's anything wrong with that. I think it's actually kind of charming. *chew* *chew*

Hey, Paul. It says there's an amusement park this way! Let's go have a look!

Oh, you're always such a kid at heart.

What could that be?

Like, people in the old days didn't drink this much water, y'know? My old man, he, like, drinks waaaay less water than me. When I, like, think about that, I, like, sorta feel like people are a lost cause, you know?! Like, if something happens, I, like, HAVE to have my water! Are we sea monsters? Of course we're not! We ARE, like, human, though! But we drink water. Hey, you! You even listenin' to me?!

Holy crap this guy.

but they should be fixed pretty soon now if all goes according to schedule. I'm waiting for the elevators to get fixed so I can use the upstairs bathroom.

We can visit the statue again at this point to sense its hostility towards us.

We also have the option to return said hostility.

Meet the King Statue. It's a gimmick boss, where the gimmick is "You're probably going to die horribly unless you know how to cheese it."

This is his attack every round. There's no surviving this for very long, considering his large HP pool.

How large, you ask?

This is the New Year's Eve Bomb. It costs 3000 DP, but it has a chance to reduce all enemies to 1HP.

And this is how much damage it did. That's right, the King Statue has 100 million HP. Even if you buff and debuff the hell out of your party, there's no way you'll have the resources to burn through all that HP manually. The only options are to use a New Year's Eve Bomb or hope for the small chance that PK Flash will instantly kill it.

Good EXP, though.

but it got beaten surprisingly easily. But, now that I think about it, statues DON'T live, huh? I wonder why I didn't realize that before.

Anyway, we got the fourth and final trivia card out of that. I'll actually be showing these things off the next update.

There's a few more Tazmily residents in this section now.

Oh! Thought you could walk by and ignore me, huh?! You're so cold-hearted. It's me! It's me! I used to be known as the Rope Snake. Don't tell me you forgot! Well, I haven't forgotten. I'm really close to becoming a behemoth of a snake now. I'll be a monster of a snake, and you guys'll be you guys. Together, we'll be an unstoppable force! Just you wait. It won't be long, dear friends! Whoa! Hey! Are you even listening to me?! Anyways, first, have a good new year! Hey! Are you ignoring me?! Hey! I said have a good new year!

Pusher's family have also just arrived and are chilling in the tower.

Oh? What's this? Well, if it isn't Lucas. I've come here to study up on Master Porky, our great leader.

I just know that someday our dear little Ollie will become as important as Master Porky and make life so much easier for us. Ohohohoho!

Heya! It's me! I'm as depressed as ever! C'mon! You should cheer up, too! I know! Let's be depressed together!

I've actually never seen them before, even though I worked at the factory right next to Titiboo for such a long time. Hahaha. Oh, that reminds me, when I was working at the factory, I found a doorknob on the ground. No idea who it belonged to. Normally I would've kept it and taken good care of it, but I was realy irritated at the time, so I threw it as hard and as far as I could instead.

Has anyone ever seen Master Porky before? How old do you think he is? He must be amazing to build a city like this.

That statue of Master Porky looks a lot like a kid, don't you think? What do you think's up with that?

That fight with the statue got me to L51, which means new PSI. Freeze Omega does around 450 damage single-target. It's sadly not as useful at this point for bosses since most of the rest of them are weak to thunder, but it's handy for regular encounters and at 28PP it's a full 20PP cheaper than the amazing Starstorm.

Counter Omega gives everyone counter shields. Not that useful since at this point between two or three castings of Defense Up Omega and the halving damage of shields in the first place, it's not really reflecting that much damage back.

We're pretty much closing in on the point of no return. It'll be awhile before we can chat up Item Guy again, so I go ahead and grab all the Mementos in storage. I also grab the Trivia Cards, which is a mistake because they take up space and you can't throw them away. Oh well.

Anyway, let's do this.

This elevator broke, so I rushed to fix it. For some reason, it wouldn't stop at the concert hall on the 24th floor anymore. But it works fine now. Wait a minute. You weren't thinking of going to the 100th floor, were you?

Oh? Uh, of course not.

Oh, I take it you're going to the concert hall, then. Then you'll get to hear that cool, groovy, and slightly-indecent and giggle-tastic DCMC sound that you so long for!

Well, crap. So much for-


Sweet! Lucky's back! That incredible bass line is finally back! Let's go, Mr. Lucky! Let's go!

The DCMC have been incredible since their Titiboo days!

What in the world am I doing here? I'm sorry for bothering you.

Some familiar faces over here.

The woman/man next to me I'm holding hands with... She's/He's still with me after all this time. I guess there's no question she/he likes me, huh? If she/he were to suddenly kiss me... Oh, I'm so nervous! *thump* *thump*

People are starting to say that THE bassist has come back... Or not. Or something. I think. But if it's true, then this is gonna be the greatest night ever!

I dunno why, but you guys really get on my nerves. I have this intense desire to arrest you for some reason. I'll ignore it, though.

I love the boss' sense of, "Yeah, I'm great and strong and manly, but the DCMC is my life!"

Being put in charge of the concert's security...means we get to enjoy the show, too.

Oh. It's you guys. ...Don't worry, I'm not gonna do nothin' though. Let's just enjoy the concert together as fellow DCMC fans!

Nice to see familiar faces. How about some more?

Lucky! Long time, no see, you bum!

Long time, no see! We've been having some pretty okay concerts on our own since you left, but with you here, it's gonna be like... Wow!
I missed you so much!!! How've you been?!
Lucky! It's good to see you again!

A great, undefiable power has prepared a festival for the end of all life...
We can see through this Porky guy's shallow-brained plans like they're nothing. Why's that, you ask? 'Cause we're so drunk on our music that he can't fool us with his nonsensical crap!
I dunno who this Porky guy is, but with all five DCMC members back together, nothing can scare us now! Well, if I think about it really hard, MAYBE I can think of something that can scare us, but, no, nothing can scare us now!
Hey, Lucky. Let's forget our worries and just enjoy the music like the old days!

We even have your afro wig all ready to go!

At this point, we get control of Duster and can chat up everyone real quick.

Well, everyone except Lucas and Boney. They aren't pretty chatty, as you probably know.

This brings back memories of Club Titiboo. *giggle* what they had me do all the time, as I recall. *giggle* Yeah, I've definitely lost my knack for that.

We had your bass polished to a shine!

What song'll it be?

Alright! Let's jam!

Hey, Lucky! I wanna hear your bass-playin', too! Let's hear it!

Well, there's no denying it.

Duster's destiny is to rock out.

So by god, he's going to rock out.



How many familiar faces can you spot here?

All right, everyone. This may be the last time you'll ever get to hear us play. And...

To all you wonderful music-lovers who've gathered here on this special day... You're our greatest happiness of all! Tonda Gossa! We're gonna rock until you drop! No... We're gonna rock until EVERYONE drops! We're gonna do this thing non-stop! Let's do it!

Can't really do this justice with even GIFs, so just watch the video and enjoy the music for later use.

Let's move right on to the next song! No break!

So there's two versions of this next song. First is the full version:

Here's the in-game version:

You see, the game version gets cut off pretty quickly, so most people will miss most of a good song. As for why it gets cut off, you may ask?

Looks like someone's stopped our concert by force.

The final game has begun. Please gather up what puny wisdom and pathetic courage you have and come to the 100th floor.

Wahahahaha! Well, I'll be waiting for you on the 100th floor!

Porky's found us, and it's time we rise to the challenge.


We've always had dumb luck on our side! Tonda Gossa!
Do you think the concert might not've been stopped had we played Porky's lullaby song or something instead?
Lucas, was it? We leave Lucky in your hands. Oh, wait! I mean Duster! I forgot, he's not Lucky! Hahaha!
You're the only bassist the DCMC can ever have. Without you, we're without a bass.

Now we can talk to the rest of the upset patrons.

Supposedly, some guys snuck into this building to take on Master Porky. It'd be funny if it was you guys, huh?! Hahaha!

Clear out! Get out of my way! Clear out! Get out of my way! All these kids and dogs and such... Quit loitering around, all of you!

What a lame attempt at a blackout this is. Can you see my nose hair?


Oh? Then it must be pretty dark in here.


I'd been worrying about it. Is that weird? Is it funny? Is it fine?

Hey, hey, hey!

We DCMC fans oughta catch 'em ourselves and make 'em pay! Grrrr!

The boss is in a real prickly mood...

Maybe the boss is in a prickly mood because of the horns on his head...

The chain of command is so screwed up. What the Pigmasks are supposed to be doing, what we're supposed to be's such a big mess. This just isn't gonna work out. Doesn't it seem that way from your point of view, too?

I guess there's no chance of them starting the concert over, huh?

The woman/man next to me I'm holding hands with... While I was flailing around during the blackout, I think our l-lips t-touched. I w-wonder if it was on purpose. D-d-d-do you suppose she/he l-l-likes me? Oh, my heart's beating so fast! *thump* *thump*

These two will never work out.

Does it have a different power source?

Whenver there's a blackout or everything is dark is when I feel the most relaxed.

Enough fooling around. Next time, we scale the scraper proper.