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Part 10

Welp, here it is folks, all the way to the end.

First, I apologize about the screwed up video in the last post- I believe I fixed that, so it SHOULD work ok.

Where we last left off, we once again had to climb Mt Itoi. However, this time we don't have Rodrigo's muscle to pull us through. This part sucks. Eventually, we get back to the same house as before. We heal up, use the phone to save, an go a little further north. Here, we find a lake, and in the lake, we find a boat.

Yep, it was wrong to try to climb up this mountain without a mechanic. Now that I think about it, why did we leave him behind in the first place?

Well whatever. We ride the boat...

Taking the boat into a whirlpool can't possibly go wrong!


We end up in a factory-looking building. There are no random encounters here, so everything works out pretty well.

Nothing particularly exciting...

We climb the ladder, and find...

Well, I can't say that there aren't holes in your story, but I'm willing to overlook that in favor of having a GIANT KILLING MACHINE in our party!

Well, that could have worked out better, but at least we GOT A GIANT DESTRUCTIVE FORCE THAT WILL ANNIHILATE ALL WHO OPPOSE ME!!!!

So Eve does about 1000 damage normally to any and all enemies, unless they are defending and/or shielding. Eve occasionally takes hits, but there are times you will need to heal. Unfortunately, while you have Eve, you can't go back to the rest area, but while you have her, you can level up QUITE easily. As pretty much anyone else would, I proceeded to exploit the hell out of her.

Pretty much none of the enemies here are particularly new or interesting- most are just really fucking overpowered versions of past foes. After gaining about six or so levels with Eve in the party, I start to climb the mountain.

If you are trying to level, don't go past this point. Right by here is a cave with a Sea Pendant, and right past here is...

This guy. If you tried to go back to the house where you can get healed, you will encounter this guy, and then you will have to go ALL the way up the mountain with no Death Machine. Reason:

The thing eventually beats Eve to where she/it self destructs, killing them both. After this happens...

That's number seven. Well, we are alone again, but we don't have much further to go. After a very short walk, we come across...

There it is. The last melody. Unfortunately, once again I had to turn Tomato's patch off in order to continue. I could turn it back on after this part.

Well, that's number eight. I use the onyx hook to get back to Magicant. I go talk to the Queen after resting and now, once again, it's video time. / Backup

Oh... god...

Now that we have caused the destruction of Magicant, once again enforcing that anything we touch turns to ashes, we end up back at the XX stone. I'm really grateful for this- having to climb the mountain AGAIN would have really sucked.

Right behind the stone...

I go talk to the guy in the tube.

But could it be?...
Is it the little girl from Snowman?
Daisy, I believe it was...
Be strong! Your mom is locked in a room in back.
Don't try to rescue us now.
First the mothership must be destroyed.

And so, leave it to three children. Yeah, this should work out REAL well. A short walk to the end later...

So, basically, as far as I know, Gigu, or "Giegue" as it is here, is the same as Giygas of Earthbound.

I start by using Psi Shield. During the fight, Giegue gives a speech, and while he is doing so, I defend.

Unlike Earthbound, he only has one attack form, that does about 70 damage to each unshielded character. That's why you immediately use Psi Shield. You also NEED one character with Lifeup π. During about 6 or so rounds, he gives you this information.

George and Maria raised me.

But George stole vital information from our planet that could be used to betray my people...

And now one of his descendants is obstructing our plans, and must be stopped! Peter! I mean you!

Go home now! Perish with the rest of the ugly Earth people!

Foolish one! You cannot do anything with your meager powers... Powers worthy of an insect.

Peter! You alone I may save. Just you alone. Board our mothership with me.

Then fall into a long sleep with your friends, and the other ugly Earth people.[i]

Now, we can start our "attack." All of us sing, with healing as necessary.

I continue to sing for a long time, each time more of the tune gets played.

[i] STOP singing!

STOP! Stop the song!


You puny little Earth bugs! Shut up, and stop singing!!



Stop... pleeease stop!


And here, all of the characters run across the screen...


After all of that, the credits roll. Being too lazy, I didn't get in screenshot form. At the very end...


Well, that's a wrap for this game. Thanks to all who have been keeping up with this, and hopefully I won't be compelled to do anymore of these (even though I probably will)