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Part 8

So, in this update, I decided to try out the "video recording" feature of the emulator I'm using (Nestopia). Perhaps I went a little too far with it, but what are you going to do?

Also, everyone should go to , as the music of this game is quite good for an NES game, and is somewhat necessary for the full effect of the story in some places. Plus, you can probably have fun making comparisons between this and Earthbound. Fun times.

Last time, I had to make another trip to Magicant, as Daisy was quite the fitting name for our new character- considering that she fragile as a flower. Of course, there is one thing I have to do here before the leveling...

Once again, who needs to guess when you can read minds?

That's right. a ribbon. This magic ribbon will give strength. Magic ribbons are only for girls.

And so, Peter's dream of being beautiful is shot down. However,

Not too bad. So, I leave Magicant by the dragon's hole for the unteenth time, and exit at Merrysville. Unfortunately, along the way, I learn that the Plasma beam doesn't have infinite charges. From here, I go north to the Union Station. There was a third town I could get to by train, afterall, so it's time to go to Spookane. This time, I DO have a video of it. I just hope everything works all right... / Backup

Now, we are in a new town.

Hmm, seems kind of empty here...

Wait, enemies in the town?! FOUL!! Still, the enemies are the same as they are in Merrysville, so it's not that big of a deal.

I explore a bit, and eventually, I find a sign...

Well, couldn't hurt to check it out. I head eastwards, and a short while later, I get to a place with some people.

When in doubt, smile and nod.

Well, I'm always in search of melodies.

Well, that's convenient. I head up the hill, in search of this "haunted house." Though it's hard not to be superstitious when you are a kid with psychic powers whose quest started by being attacked by a poltergeist.

REJECTED!! Well, only thing is to continue to talk to people.

Hah! As if!

And she vanishes right there. Perhaps telling this woman off wasn't the best of ideas...

Sweet! I head once again to the house.

I'm afraid I couldn't catalogue all of these enemies, as I nearly got murdered and had to use the Onyx hook (again), but here is what I got...

Zombies and Nasty Zombies. Nothing too great.

The very same ones as the ones in the Graveyard in Podunk. I laugh at them before I slaughter them in a way that would make Charnel dance with glee.

But Charnel, being the fickle God of Destruction that he is, sends these at me. They just murder me. The murder me dead, so when I come across these, I run like hell.

Other than that, Bionic Bats (just green bats) and Alarm Ghosts (just black Ghosts), neither of which is amazing. Now, for the level itself...

I... honestly forgot the path I took.

I did, however, make the right choices somehow. Consequently, I probably missed out on a fair bit of loot.

Compared to the last place, this is a cakewalk. Not counting the Armors.

That's four down, four to go. Much like last time, shortly after reaching my goal, one of my party members bites it, and I have to use the Onyx Hook. I only had to use it once in this place- this is the time I was talking about earlier.

Well, that takes care of that! Now, I take the train to the union station again, and begin my hike to Youngtown. To do that, however, I must go through a desert.

First, I talk to the woman whose house I just raided.

How ni... wait, RE-named?

That poor kid is going to have SO many problems later in life, he will make all of the shit Peter's gone through minor in comparison. Well, NOW I head to the train, take it to Merrysville, and FINALLY buy Daisy and Rowlf boomerangs. Yes, I AM that stupid. After that, I take a short hike north. Since the bridge is broken, I can't take the train, so this will be fun.

Everything here just... ugh.

These things can poison people, AND turn them to stone. The managed to kill Daisy and stone Peter. Rowlf had to use the Onyx hook.

Ultra Barbots and Energy Robots. The energy robots explode, and this killed Daisy. The UBs can use PK Beam r, making me wish Peter still had his Franklin Badge on. I decide to try to go back to town instead of going to Magicant...

Big mistake. I didn't even get a chance to find out their abilities.

One death and 380 dollars in medical expenses later, I give it my third shot.

The saucers aren't so bad- they have PK Beam a, but that's no big deal by now. I immediately murder the Barbot. As I continue walking, I notice something strange...



That's five down. Getting closer! As I head on, I notice a black dot on the middle of the map. I decide to investigate.

Well, this is new...

Well... that's nice to know. I talk to him again...

Yeah, I missed a screen there

I have the money, so I go for the most expensive. Note- it works just as well to go with the cheapest.

In this case, Peter probably is. Laying waste to his foes from a tank...

Once again, I have made a video of one of the plane flights. This one shows the town Ellay. We will probably make it there next update. / Backup

I also take Plan B, and while I didn't make a video of that, I took some screens of some of the interesting things...

Rinse and repeat until I have 10 stubs. I actually get 12 (one per flight per person, so 4 flights), though I throw two away.

Unfortunately, I can't grind, but no encounters!

Huh, that looks interesting...



This guy...

Oh Jesus! Yes, if I didn't have the tank, I would have been turned into a fine red mist. Fortunately, our "attack" allows us to fire the guns. Fun times. Eventually, both the robot and the tank are destroyed.

Well, that could have worked out better, but at least no one was hurt!

Moving along quite nicely, I enter a cave with lots of Psi Stones and monkeys, but no random encounters!

Uh, ok?

Uhhh, ok?

After a bit of travelling and dealing with more monkeys like this one...

This again?! Well, same thing as always, use telepathy, get teleported to Magicant, but this time, I end up...

Right on the edge of Youngtown!

I start hiking towards there, but the scenery starts to change...

This usually isn't good. After a bit more hiking, I find the train station.

About as useful as you would expect someone to be. I continue my treck towards Youngtown. Once again, I have a video, as it just seems to fit much better. There is at least one more situation where this will come up, but I'll worry about that later.

For now, enjoy that line between and That's it for this update- but I'm slowly reaching the end... / Backup