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Original Thread: Let's Play: Mozart - The Last Secret/The Conspirators of Prague aka Requiem



What is this?

Mozart: The Last Secret/The Conspirators of Prague is a point and click adventure game that was released in 2009. We play as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who, for some reason, doesn't sound Austrian and is also a freemason in this game. The year is (I believe) 1788 and apparently there is a conspiracy going on in Prague, of all places.

This game was developed by a French company called GameCO Studios and it was originally published as Mozart: The Last Secret. It was localised to German, Dutch and Russian shortly afterwards and they renamed the game to Mozart: The Conspirators of Prague. An English release was planned and the localization was completed but it was never released. A version of the game was found last year with the English localization included, patches were quickly released to convert the French and Dutch versions to the English language. I am using a patched version of the game for this LP.

A revamp of this game was released last year and the game was renamed a second time to Mozart: Requiem, which is available to buy on Steam. There are some controversies surrounding this release though. Nowhere on their store page have they mentioned that this release is a revamp of a game from 2009, they're treating it as a new release and asking for a premium price tag. They did include the English localization and have added Italian, German Spanish and Korean subtitles, but for some reason, the German, Dutch and Russian voice acting has been completely removed from the game as well as the Dutch subtitles. In fact, they've replaced the original German subtitles with new ones that are apparently very sloppy.

LP Details

This will be a VLP and I will be recording commentary live and unscripted. I don't have a schedule, it all depends on when I have free time around work and child care but I will aim to have at least one video up a week.

Let's Play: Mozart: The Last Secret/The Conspirators of Prague

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