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Muramasa: The Demon Blade

by Highwang

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Original Thread: Welcome to Cutlery Corner; Lets Play Muramasa: The Demon Blade [VLP]



About this game:

Muramasa: The Demon Blade is Vanillaware's 3rd game released, and probably their most successful game ever. Released in 2009 on the Nintendo Wii and HD Remastered on the Playstation Vita (of all things) in 2013, the game covers the turbulent stories of two individuals as they inadvertently find their way across the legendary Muramasa swords and a mysterious technique known as the Oboro style. Muramasa TDB is a very action-packed game complimented by its gorgeous art styles, fantastic interpretations of Japanese folklore, great writing across two separate plots and an amazing soundtrack, so I decided to LP it.

Plans for this LP

This will be a full playthrough of the Vita version of Muramasa. Going to go and do everything: every Sword, every challenge mission, every ending, and the Vita DLC "Genroku Legends." I'd eat all the food but sadly that's irrelevant to anythingFuck that we're eating the food, food episode confirmed. While this sounds like a lot, a good 80% of it comes naturally just from playing the game. Commentary will most likely be solo unless one of my friends asks to join in. Episodes will be broken up into a Tuesday/Saturday format, with Momohime episodes on tuesday and Kisuke episodes on saturday. I will try to keep commentary consistent enough in each plot string, but I would recommend watching them in release order just in case since there's some interesting observations across them.

I should also probably mention that this series is technically considered NSFW. While there's nothing overtly sexual or pornographic, there are a lot of revealing designs and japanese anime tropes (re: hot tub scenes) that might get you fired at work. Be careful guys.

I'd also like to do a mythology series much like I did with La-Mulana, though I honestly haven't the foggiest idea on where to look up said information. If someone in the thread can help, you'd contribute to a more in-depth LP.

Relevant links:

Shameless self plug of my Odin Sphere stream archive
An interview with George Kamitani where I got most of the meat of Episode 0's content from.

Table of Contents

Lets-Play of the Demon Blade (i.e. a playlist)

For the main campaign ToC, its recommended to go left to right rather than binge a campaign

Post Game!

Genroku Legend DLC!

Special Videos

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