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Murder on the Eurasia Express

by ivantod

Part 1

Part 1

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And so, here we are with a murder case on our hands. Of course a lot of stuff here doesn't make sense--e.g. how is "The Detective" able to freely mingle with the people from the school trip; or how does a teenager work as an "assistant detective", but it's probably best not to think about small details too hard here.

We've got a bunch of photographs to look at, and also we have TWO notebooks (one in our pocket and the other where Tsubasa takes notes about everything for us). We'll go through all that next time, but for now here are some brief character portraits, taken from the game manual. Since there is basically nothing to be said about the gameplay other than to list what each controller button does, this leaves a lot of space in the manual for various photographs, and they indeed look pretty slick.

So without further ado, here are a few character profiles for people we met on the train so far!

So, take care and see you next time!