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Murder on the Eurasia Express

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Part 4

Part 4

Last time we were delving a bit into the dating history of Usami. Unfortunately, it turned out that he's a serial dater of his own students. Today, we'll go even deeper into that whole story, and let me tell you it doesn't lead anywhere good.

There are also a few things to read in this video (our fax has finally arrived!), so please feel free to pause the video in such moments if you need more time.

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So it looks like because of his connections, Usami's behaviour was allowed to continue unchecked even after the unfortunate incident from five years ago. Also, we seem to now have a connection from him to one of the train staff, which means that our suspect list still can't really be narrowed down significantly.

But anyway, next time we are going to start bringing this investigation slowly to a close, as the train approaches its next stop, Hangzhou.

In the meantime as usual, here are a couple more pictures from the manual:

So, take care, and see you next time!