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Part 13: A Windia Mountain Than Most

13. A Windia Mountain Than Most

First things first, something incredibly important is tucked away in this house.

Yes. Just take all of my money, I don’t care.

Shrug is starting to wipe out all of those annoying status effects. Unfortunately, petrification is going to have to wait a little while longer. But immunity to paralysis and confusion is fantastic and to a lesser extent not having to waste a charge or potion on healing blind is nice too.

Actually, I think I’m basically done spending money now because there’s nothing important left to buy. I have like 7600 GP so I could really just buy 99 seeds and call it a day but where’s the fun in that?

There’s also an arms dealer in here but there’s pretty much no way you’re still using the grenades so... moving on!

This house has a seed vendor but she can’t get any seeds with this wind. I guess that makes sense.

...where are your parents?

They have posters for this sort of thing, you know.

Oh, right, we were doing something.

Later, later...

But the powerful wind from Mt. Gale broke the road-making machine. Norma’s stuck there until the winds die down.

I kinda like to think she’s tapping Shrug’s shoulder because he’s zoning out.

Hmm, I suppose that’s a pretty reasonable assumption to make. Let’s take a quick rest before we go because we’re in a bit of a state healthwise.

And actually, the last battlefields have opened up. This one gives 2808 EXP.

They have a unique background as well so we’ll be coming back later on too. As for now though, we’ve got a new enemy in the Water Hag. They’ve picked up Whirlwater as a way of dealing paltry damage to both Kaeli and Shrug. They still have counter and are weak to Fire, but they’re really pretty simple to kill despite that. They can also cure themselves which is annoying but it’s easy to deal with.

And this one gives 2700 EXP. Battlefields really go out with a whimper.

On the way to Mt. Gale is this temple, but I don’t think there’s anything worthwhile here other than some easy Heal Potions.

Alright, enough faffing about. Mt. Gale is honestly pretty brief. There are shockingly few enemies, especially compared to the Giant Tree. It’s more or less based around finding your way around some rock that just happens to be precisely in your way and totally impassable.

Vampires are upgraded Fangpires—actually, every enemy we’re going to see from here on is a palette-swap if I remember right.

They’re hardly threatening. I think their strongest attack deals about 200 damage and that’s laughable. They’re really weak to wind, like several other enemies in this section of the game. Yeah, I know, you’re probably really surprised by that.

This bridge is a ‘shortcut’ of sorts, if you took the staircase up when you first arrive here—or you can be dumb like me and go in a circle

Here’s where we want to be.

The strangely shaped boss is beyond these inarguably insurmountable rocks.

So we basically have to go the long way around, and that’s more or less a straight shot. The bottom and middle path at this bridge will lead you to the boss. The top path…

leads you to this little treat.

Unfortunately it’s pretty disappointing. It provides a little more defense, but we’re not going to see many enemies throwing around fire attacks nowadays. Like, only three are coming to mind.

I love how rude this guy is and how he points out that coming here was just a huge waste of time and effort.

This can be a pretty rough fight. Dullahan doesn’t have a hugely exploitable wind weakness like Gidrah did and he hits both hard and often. In fact, he has no weaknesses! He’s actually resistant to Fire, but why are you still using Fire?

White and Meteor will put the hurt on him though. Shrug was hitting for almost 2000 damage with Meteor so just throw those out if you have them. Kaeli’s better off using Aero than attacking.

Dullahan’s moves are nothing to sneeze at. Headdoomerang, which is possibly the best name for a move ever, hits both party members for 340. Rapier was doing 465 per hit. Thunder Beam was even more dangerous at 500. Kaeli can heal both members for at least 900 HP though so I guess it’s not very threatening at all! He does have Doom Dance, which is basically an assured one-hit kill since it’s a more accurate Doom Powder.

This fight went incredibly well for me. Doom Dance might have sunk me if he decided to use it like crazy but he mostly just stuck with Rapier and Headdoomerang. This is seriously it for Mt. Gale and nothing happens after the boss is dead. Definitely very short compared to the Giant Tree!

Back in Windia, the gusts have stopped with Dullahan’s death. I’m not sure why because he had nothing to do with anything? In the meantime, this idiot kid climbed on the roof—but I guess he must have a Dragon Claw too if he can get over there so the kid’s alright by me.

Gonna grab a couple of seeds in preparation then head back

to Otto’s, where he’s literally going to make a road out of a rainbow.

He heads downstairs and a few seconds later

Otto, we’re going to save Norma and the Crystal!

Wait! In the Tower, you’ll see switches on even numbered floors. Flick the switches with your Axe. Then the elevator won’t go past that floor!

What? That’s the dumbest elevator ever. Who would design that? Pazuzu? Pazuzu’s an idiot.

Please bring my daughter back!

No, seriously, it’s Rainbow Road.

Ride a giant tree: check
Walk across a rainbow: check

Next time: Save Crystal of Wind: to do

I don't know why, but Windia has always been my favorite town. At least, it will be after clearing out the last of the Vile 4's dungeon. Maybe it's because it's the only town with Dragon Claw posts, I dunno.