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Mystic Quest

by Nakar

Part 1: Foresta & Level Forest

Foresta & Level Forest

Steve stumbles into Foresta, nursing his Behemoth wounds. He wouldn't be so sore if he hadn't pushed rocks around for old men out in Level Forest, but oh well.

To date, I still don't know which monster they're talking about. It could be the one in the forest. It could be the one that's the boss of the area. I don't think they actually know, in this case.

A lot of trees grow in forests. That's kind of what trees do.

Well, that's straightforward at least. I wonder if I'll be going there really soon? Possibly as part of a larger quest involving the forest and this Kaeli person?

There are no qualified doctors in Foresta, so some random woman offers Steve her bed.

He feels so good afterwards that he does an incredibly dorky dance. He does this every time he gets out of bed. And every time somebody joins the party. He's basically a huge nerd.

Whoa whoa whoa, let's take this one step at a time. I'm not sure I can manage 4 whole crystals at once.

Anyway, around the back in this building is Cure, the first White Magic spell. As mentioned earlier, the Life spell is superior to Cure in every way, but Steve won't get Life for a little while, so this will be what his White Magic points go into until then.

"Of course I happen to be an old man to start with. It's really weird when the children are aging into old men though, I admit."

I hate when I forget my hat, because that usually portends disaster on the high seas. It's an old nautical legend I just made up.

Anyway, Kaeli's here too apparently.

I dated an environmentalist chick once, and the part where they all keep double-headed battleaxes around just in case is pretty accurate.

Before we do that though, I'm going to go into options and set a few things. First, we're going to swtich from "Scale" to "Figure," which will change our goofy life bar setup into traditional numbers. Remember, this game is meant to be super simple. I also turn the message speed up to max (I forgot how fast it is and will need to turn it back down a little) and set the window color to black, because most of the windows are black in the first place.

And then it's back to Level Forest...

...where Kaeli chops down the exact tree that will force us to fight every single monster in the forest to get to the end. Thanks, bitch.

The type of enemy you see on the screen, curiously enough, corresponds with the enemy group you fight. There are only a couple variations in each area, but sometimes the monsters mix. The Slimes on the map for example will sometimes also have Brownies tagging along.

When we get to the end I save. Yeah, you can just save anywhere, the game doesn't give a shit.

Kaeli can't tell the difference between a tree and a minotaur, but at least I get her axe.

We won't be seeing poor Kaeli for the next half of the game, but that's okay because Kaeli is weak and sucks and we're about to team up with a much better buddy.

Also note the brief trip to the Battlefield. Trees and plant enemies are weak against axes, and take massive damage from them. There are other enemies who are weak to other types of weapons, but axe vulnerability is the most commonplace. Axes tend to have the highest raw attack power, but their lower accuracy and lack of special effects makes them less desirable except for all the times when you first get them. Axes can also chop down trees (swords can flip switches), which means I can now go through Level Forest by clearcutting it. What's Kaeli gonna do about it now, huh?