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Myth: The Fallen Lords

by Johnny Law

Part 113: Media Collection 3

One last media collection!


The Soulblighter section of the game sounds includes some soundbites from the last mission.


Rebel Blob knew that the casualty stacks had one destiny: an animated GIF!

davidspackage and EricFate have pointed out that a free Myth:TFL comic book was distributed as part of the promotion for Myth 2. The stories aren't dazzling IMO, but some of the art is fun. Click the cover thumbnail for a PDF of the comic.

And we have one more bit of exploration into the Myth data files: some headshots and animations for creatures that were not used in Myth.

Dirigible (Dark):

Mahir (Dark):

Cave Spore (Neutral):

Skrael (Light):

Griffin (Light):

The Griffin even has some concept art floating around:

The mahir and skrael have appeared in various third-party plugins for Myth, since their resources are fairly complete (and they are cool-lookin').

Spoilers for Myth 2:  The mahir, modified somewhat, do appear in Myth 2. The griffin has sprites in Myth 2's data but again was not used. 


Here's a "behind the scenes" movie showing some of the voiceover recording sessions for Myth:TFL, including Marty O'Donnell's dad as the dwarf:

Finally, check out this fan "retrospective" (not made by me) of TFL campaign and multiplayer. The first minute is a schtick that wears out its welcome, but stay with it. (Psst there's some sneaky tele-kick cheating just before the 4 minute mark.)