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by Johnny Law

Part 5: Tutorial - units

New Units - The Light

After each mission I'll post more details about the new unit types (if any) introduced. The unit description is straight from the game manual; the "flavor texts" are the snippets shown in the info bar at the top of the screen when a unit is selected. (All of these texts are transcribed courtesy of

The unit image is taken from the game data. The unit images in their original form have some garish colors (as seen on the Archer sprite in the Tutorial video) so that different parts of the texture can easily have different colors substituted in. I couldn't figure out with a reasonable amount of fiddling how to get these images to look exactly like the units in the singleplayer game, so for the most part I've settled for mimicking how they could look in multiplayer, where they take on colors selected by the player. The Light units will have a red/yellow color scheme and the Dark units will be green/blue.

Finally, a word about unit stats. For stats that can easily be expressed in a single number, I've added the number in parentheses in case you want to compare units. Otherwise I handwave a qualitative ranking. 99% of Myth players could not tell you what the numbers are behind the rules of Myth -- they aren't in the manual -- you just get a feel for things and work from that.

Warriors Description:
The few survivors of the human armies which have not yet fallen to Balor's forces of the undead. These men have survived previous encounters with the Fallen Lords, and might be able to do it again.

Warriors are equipped with swords, and shields that can block attacks.

Flavor texts:

After the armies of The Province were finally broken at Covenant, the survivors scattered among the free cities of the North, taking their arms with them.

"Maeldun's only words on returning exhausted to Tyr from a long campaign in the East to find half the city burning after a raid by pirates from Leix were 'Show me the way to Leix.'"