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Part 8: Crow's Bridge - recap

Mission Recap

Myth has a great feature where it records a game film of any mission you play (campaign or competitive), and at the end of the mission you can choose to save it permanently. I'll be posting the films of all the missions in this LP, because, why not? ... they're only a few kB. These films are only viewable using Myth:TFL (not Myth 2) and the latest Project Magma patch. When viewing a film you control the POV camera and playback rate.

Game film: LP Crow's Bridge (TFL 1.5)

So! We survived the first mission, and we met our first Dark units, which will be described in the next post. Like all of the first handful of missions in Myth, Crow's Bridge is trying to teach certain things... in this case, Myth's fundamental "three great tastes that taste great together" i.e. archer + dwarf + melee support.

On Heroic this is surprisingly difficult for an introductory mission, and I think you'll be in trouble if you don't keep those ghôls in check. (Of course we'll see much worse later in the game.) This mission does at least serve to introduce us to a sound that we'll get quite familiar with: "Casualty". I really thought my warrior was going to have that thrall on the ground before it got to the wounded archer... oh well, I guess I haven't fully de-rusted my intuition about things like that.

Click on the overhead map below if you'd like to see the full-resolution landscape texture.



And finally, the bodycount so far. I'm taking these numbers purely from the casualty counts on the postgame screen, except in the cases where those counts obviously omit a big boss-type unit.