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Part 122: Episode CXV: Ending D - Something Very Special

Episode CXV: Ending D - "Something Very Special"

Here is Ending D's video. Just go ahead and watch this.

Well, folks... I guess this is the end of the road, eh? Ending D begins right back where we made our previous decision as to Kainé's fate. Let's take the plunge into the final ending...

"You will disappear from this world. Your daughter, your friends... Everyone in your life will forget you."

"You, and any sign that you ever existed, will be erased."

"And in exchange, Kainé will return to her mortal life."

So, that's the deal. Tyrann can use Nier to restore Kainé, but Nier himself will be wiped away from the face of the earth. Sure, why not?

Buuuuuuuuuuut...there's a catch. Ya see, Cavia isn't just letting you press a "kill Nier" button and let him do his heroic sacrifice to save his friend alone. Oh no. Cavia demands the player too must sacrifice greatly if they want to save Kainé. So, how does a video game gain a sacrifice out of the player, you ask...?

It is going to erase every last one of your save games...

No, really... They're gonna nuke every last one of the saves on your profile if you want this ending. There's no way around it.

All the hours upon hours of time and effort put into the game will be erased from existence just like Nier. In can never even name the main character "Nier" again if you started from scratch. The very name is getting wiped from your profile and will be an invalid option.

And so here is Cavia's final troll... Fine you rotten bastards... We part ways forever here!

"Huh...? So you're actually going through with it, eh Jimbo? Gotta be honest, I didn't think ya had it in ya... Alright...let's get started..."

"Feh. Who even used those maps anyway? Follow the big red X unless ya...oh right... You ran aaaaaaaall those stupid errands all over the damn world. A for effort.... Bwah hah hah."

"Look at all those items. What were ya savin' 'em all for? Seven full heals? Gee, wasn't that a waste."

"All those stupid sidequests. Man...remember that crap? Standin' in a field for a week making pink flowers? All that fishin'? Soooooo many hikes back and forth across the world. All those hours and hours down in the Junk Heap grinding materials. All that time ya coulda spent with that daughter of yours. Oh well!"

"Ah yes. And 100% weapons too. Very nice... I betcha upgraded a buncha 'em too! I bet that took a while, eh? Oh well, not like you were using many of 'em anyway. Ahah hah hah!"

"How do ya even stick words on rolling' or blockin' anyway? That don't make a damn bit of sense! We can't have that!"

"So many fish... How many hours did it take ya to catch them all? No wait...don't tell me. It's funny either way! Hey, remember that quest where ya had to get the ten shark fins and then that asshole didn't even use them? Good times..."

"Ugh. Tutorials... Who even reads that crap? Eh? There's a wall jump...? Interesting. Hey look at that, now there's NOT a wall jump. Kah hah hah!"

"I can't believe you were taping all these stupid letters into that flying magazine. Let's just clean that crap up."

"Words words words.... Blah blah blah!"

"Ooooh... The very last one... Look it all those stats. Level 42, huh? Impressive. Though what's with your stat distribution? 244,944 HP and...269 MP? How the hell do you even manage to do that? Tch... Go re-roll your character! Let's see what else... Oh... Over half a million bucks in the bank. Shoulda put it in a college fund for the kiddo. And what's that? 59 hours and 12 minutes played...? <whistle> All those hours of yer life that's never ever gonna come back..."

"Oh well! Buh-bye! Kahahaha!"

"And finally those stupid keys. What did ya have to go get those like...three...four times now? Oh well, at least ya won't have to do it again!"

" was fun, Sunshine... So long and thanks for all the killin'! BWAH HAH HAH HAH!"


Kainé looks herself over. Her Black Scrawl is gone as is the relapsing psychotic voice in her head. She is understandably a bit confused.

Yonah hops over out of nowhere. Where did she wander off to in the last ending anyway...?

"Are you all right?"

"Are you...are you the one who helped me?"

Kainé looks around the room seeing as something seems to be missing...

"Oh, thank you!"
"...I'm glad you're okay."

"What's wrong?"
"I mean, you defeated the Shadowlord and everything, don't look happy."
"I don't...?"

The Lunar Tear in Kainé's hair falls to the ground. Yonah picks it up off the floor.

"Oh, a Lunar Tear. How pretty!"

Music: Ashes of Dreams ~ Aratanaru

"Are you crying?"
"Um...yeah. I guess I am."

Kainé takes back the flower and looks out the window...

"It's like I just found something special."

Here is Ending D's video. Just go ahead and watch this.

Music: Ashes of Dreams ~ Aratanaru

"Honestly, what is the obsession with collecting all of those weapons to begin with?"
"I could not fathom a proper reason. It is utterly absurd. I do not believe even a fraction of them are ever used in battle."
"I know! Why even bother gathering so many swords, knives, and axes if they're just going to be immediately deposited in a broom closet?"
"I'll never understand humans and their compulsions."
Dragon, does the stupid dictionary know anything? Cuz I'm not having any luck here.
"I am Grimoire Weiss. Within my pages lies immeasurable power beyond your comprehension, fool. I am not some common paperback!"
Dragon, why can the floating book hear me?
"Again, everyone can hear you, Caim. We're dead. I've told you a hundred times that you don't have to speak to me with just your thoughts any longer."
"Though I wish this were not the case."
Ya know what I heard goes just GREAT with books? Fire! Just so happens I've got access to a whole lot of that.
"Make some new friends, Weiss?"
"You... I cannot believe you sacrificed yourself for that vulgar hussy."
"Wouldn't think you'd do the same for a stubborn jerk like me either. Guess we're both full of surprises today."
"Hey, is Emil around here...?"
"I've not seen the lad."
"Your stupid cartoon skeleton pal is a bit more durable than he looks, Jimbo. Hehe...."
"Huh? Really? I don't believe it."
"It would seem you made a new...colorful...acquaintance as well..."
"Oh... That's the Shade that was inside Kai-"
"It is..."
Hey! YOU!
"You guys know each other?"
Hey dickhead, you didn't say anything about my fucking sword being broken in half. And not the good, fixable half.
"Bwahahah! You two jokers have seriously been following after me this long for a stupid piece of metal?"
"Haha. That's rich..."
You've got about ten seconds before I chop you in half...
"I thought you lost your precious widdle sword?"
"I got others. A buncha others..."
"You see what I mean...?"
"Tch... Fuckin' drama queen. Hey Jimbo!"
"Are you talking to me? My name is Nier."
"Nier? The fuck kinda stupid name is that? Whatever... You need that metal surfboard with a stick attached to it anymore? You're kinda wiped from existence and all..."
"Oh... No, I guess not."
"There ya go Captain Scowlsalot. Ta-da!"
"There...will you please shut up about your wayward weapon now, Caim?"
"Yeah yeah! HA! Oh hell yeah, I missed this damn thing. Haha!"
"Oh look, he can speak after all. It's a fuckin' Christmas miracle!"
"A what?"
"Christmas was once a holiday celebrated in the old world on December 25th to mar-"
"On second thought, forget I asked..."
"Alright. Now that everyone is all settled, let's go get a drink. I know a good spot over at the Haunted Manor."
"You mean Emil's mansion?"
"Yea. Wha, ya thought it was haunted cuz folks loved hearing Skeletor play the piano? Ya comin' dragon and angry eyebrows? I wanna hear that story about punting the severed head into another guy again."
"Feh...why not?"
"Cool. First round is on the bowl cut in the mask and his old lady. Those two gotta head start..."

And that was Cavia's final game: NIER. It's been a long ride and bumpy ride. Thanks for tagging along folks... Other than the ones that sperged about every damn thing. You all were awful.

RIP Cavia. You awful, spiteful bastards.