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Part 19: Episode XVIII (Part 2): Truth...

Episode XVIII (Part 2): Truth...

Music: Kainé's Theme

After much deliberation, Papa Nier decided to come clean with the child about his mother's fate...

"Your mother's left this world."
"Liar! I don't believe you!"

Gideon runs off into the back room... If you lie he flips out way more and basically says you're an asshole that didn't try hard enough...

"...It's okay. I know all about it. Just tell me: Did she die with the one she loved?"
"We found two bodies. It appears they left this life as one."

"Come again?"
"Mom was always so frustrated, you know? Torn between her duty to us and her heart..."
"I think... I think this is best."
"You forgive her?"
"She was my mother, but she was also human, and prone to failure. I know that."
"We found this next to her."

Nier hands Jakob his mom's perfume...

"It smells like her."
"Dammit... I'm not gonna cry. If Gideon sees me like this... Dammit..."

Nier quietly lets himself out. That was getting a bit...uhh....yeah...

Before Nier wanders off, the two brothers run outside to wave him goodbye and thank him for actually helping out, despite the whole dead mom thing outcome.

Let's head home...

Junk Heap Conclusion