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Original Thread: The Assassination of Naruto Uzumaki by the Coward Madara Uchiha (UNS3)



[Thanks to my good friend AbstractCactus for the banner image!]

Naruto is a popular manga and anime series that began in 1999 and thankfully ended in mid-2015. It is a series about magic ninjas to go along with the other two big manga series which are about magic samurai and magic pirates. It still holds an important part in the popularization of anime and manga in the West and has a significant fanbase. Previously in this subforum, my compatriots and I completed an LP of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 which you can watch here. It is assumed that you are familiar with the plot up to the end of the previous game (which ends after the Pain Arc).

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is, like its predecessor, an open-world fighting game by CyberConnect2. It still plays heavily like an interactive anime with cutscenes and fights straight out of the story proper, along with some sidequests for those so inclined to immerse themselves in the world. The 3D fighting game system has been tweaked slightly to make it a little easier to play, most notably revamping the dodge mechanic entirely to be more forgiving but also heavily restricted.

This game directly follows the events of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2/the Pain Arc and encompasses the next four arcs of the story, which is about 200 episodes and about 80 hours of television, though that includes some filler that is left out of the game for the sake of keeping the story moving at a reasonable pace. We’ve got a lot of content to get to, so get ready for a wild ride!

I still stand as the Naruto apologist of the group, arguing that there are fun moments and interesting characters amidst the dreck that is the main plotline and main characters. So once again, I, ChorpSaway, will be heading this LP, and good anime buddies TheJayOfSpade and FutureFriend have forgiven me for last time and agreed to join me again as co-commentators. I’m pretty sure that none of them are aware of what’s going to happen at this point in the series, so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of fun as they experience the story blind. Unfortunately, JordanKai got caught up in a personal mission in a faraway village and will only be in the LP sporadically, but we’ve got some people lined up who will help to fill his gap as the fourth team member when the need arises.

Like last time, this is a video LP, with cut and uncut options for commentary over cutscenes. There’s a lot more story in UNS3 than in UNS2, so even less commentary will be present in the cut options if you go that way.

I will be completing the story mode and any of the post-game content that’s interesting or noteworthy, showing off as much as I can with the game. With each update, I will be reposting entries and adding to the glossary and cast listing that I started in the previous LP, to make sure everyone’s up to date with whatever Naruto and gang are making up this time.

Like last time, I’d prefer if this thread was kept civil and relatively free of anime shitposting. Yeah yeah, Naruto is a big punchline and it’s pretty bad, but we’re here to have fun. Keep it constructive, feel free to get critical, and let’s just enjoy ourselves and try not to have a pissing match over who hates Naruto the most. FutureFriend already won that award.

Also, please don’t post spoilers for anything we haven’t seen in the game or any events that take place after the game. There’s plenty of backstory to talk about, and I’m sure our group won’t hit all of the important points, so feel free to help clarify things for people if you have the knowledge to.

Prologue: Nine Tails Attacks (Special Guest: Hobotron)

Chapter 1: The Five Kage Summit (Special Guest: Hobotron)

Chapter 2: Team 7 Assembles (Special Guest: Hobotron)

Chapter 3: The Two Jinchuriki (Special Guest: Taoc)

Chapter 4: The Birth of Naruto (Special Guest: Taoc)

Chapter 5: Plotting Behind the Scenes (Special Guest: Hobotron)

Chapter 6: The Outbreak of War (Special Guest: Hobotron)

Chapter 7: Mortal Combat on the Coast (Special Guest: Hobotron)

Chapter 8: Two Suns (Special Guests: Hobotron and Taoc)

Chapter 9: Battle of the Kage (Special Guest: Taoc)

Chapter 10: The Way to Peace (Special Guest: Taoc)

Bonus: Sasuke Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Special Guest: Taoc)


Minato Namikaze
Naruto’s father and the Fourth Hokage. He was known mainly for his incredible speed, in part because of his proficiency in Space-Time Techniques (teleportation), earning him the nickname “the Yellow Flash”. Much like his son, he trained under Jiraiya, and learned how to summon frogs and use the Rasengan. Before his death, he sealed the Nine-Tails into Naruto in order to protect his village from destruction.

Hiruzen Sarutobi
The Third Hokage. Considered a “God of Shinobi” due to his ninja prowess, he was considered the strongest Hokage in his prime, and still packs a mean punch in his old age. Hiruzen was also the leader of the team that would become the Legendary Sannin: Orochimaru, Jiraiya and Tsunade. He reclaimed his position as Hokage temporarily after Minato’s death while the village searched for a proper candidate. Unfortunately, before one was found, he was killed in battle by Orochimaru.

Naruto Uzumaki
A member of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Ninja Team 7 and the titular character. Because of his heroics in saving the Hidden Leaf Village during the events of Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Naruto is finally respected by his fellow villagers and helps stand as a beacon of hope for them during the rebuilding. Thankfully, he’s still everyone’s favorite loveable goofball with an eternal craving for ramen.

Sakura Haruno
A member of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Ninja Team 7. With Tsunade currently unable to help the Hidden Leaf Village, Sakura is the head medical ninja in the village. Her medical skills along with her super strength have helped to benefit the rebuilding effort.

Kakashi Hatake
The leader of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Ninja Team 7 and former Anbu member. Kakashi got much better after his untimely death in the last game, and is back to taking care of Team 7. Thankfully, his Sharingan is still intact, as is his reputation as The Copy Ninja Kakashi of the Sharingan Eye.

Ninja black ops member and temporary leader for Team 7. He can be a real stick in the mud, but is a reliable and dependable character rooted in his respect for others. Though he hasn’t had much need to act as leader for Team 7 with Kakashi around, he still gets to hold the title and help out on occasion.

Kiba Inuzuka
A member of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Team Kurenai. With his leather jacket and trusty canine companion, he’s been known to give enemies of the Hidden Leaf Village a ruff time.

Canine companion to Kiba, based on a Great Pyrenees. Kiba and Akamaru are inseparable and share several ninja techniques. It’s been said that his bark is just as dangerous as his bite.

The Fourth Raikage and the fourth Raikage to be named Ay. He’s very distant and cold towards others, and gets angry very easily. He’s very protective of his people, in particular his brother, Bee. He is very steadfast in his beliefs and is generally unwilling to compromise with others, believing that respect and strength are everything to a ninja. His attendants are Cee and Darui.

Mei Terumi
The Fifth Mizukage. She is very cheerful and open-minded, and works hard to remain peaceful and avoid conflict. Most of her work as Mizukage has been to reform the Hidden Mist Village, which had gained a notorious reputation for brutality and evil. Her attendants are Ao and Chojuro.

The Third Tsuchikage and one of the oldest characters in Naruto, at a staggering 79. He’s a stubborn old man who refuses to quit his job and is very full of himself. Due to his deteriorating physical ability, he tends to fly from place to place rather than walk. His attendants are Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi.
Also he’s voiced by Steve Blum.

The fifth Kazekage and former vessel for the One-Tailed Shukaku. Without his Tailed Beast, Gaara has been able to spend more time not avoiding death or the Akatsuki and being a good Kazekage. Although young, his odd upbringing and adolescence helps bring a new perspective to ninja politics that everyone else wants to ignore. His attendants are Temari and Kankuro.

The samurai leader of the Land of Iron. He is calm and disciplined, and acts as a mediator for the five Kages. As his village has kept to themselves, they have no affiliation with any of the ninja villages.

A member of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Team 7. He used to work for the Root but has switched his alliances thanks to Naruto and his unwavering positive attitude. Sai lacks social grace and can give a bad impression due to his blunt nature. Thankfully as an artist he doesn’t really need to interact with others.

Killer Bee
Ay’s brother/bodyguard and the vessel for the Eight-Tails. While he’s supposed to take his work more seriously, Bee would rather spent his time rapping, in his quest to become the world’s best rapper. He’s laid back and cocky over his both his strength and rap game. His fighting abilities are top-notch, including his incredible swordsmanship, able to wield seven swords at the same time.

The Eight-Tails
One of the two tailed beasts still contained within a jinchuriki and taking the form of an ushi-oni. He’s very no-nonsense and can be rather rude, but tolerates his vessel Killer Bee because of his incredible power. Killer Bee and the Eight-Tails are one of the few jinchuriki combos to work together and interact in a friendly manner. That said, he hates Bee’s raps and wishes he’d act a bit more serious in a time of war.

A high-ranking ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village, and currently the Fifth Hokage. She was in a coma after the Pain invasion but has thankfully woken up just as her temporary substitute died, and she's more than ready to jump back into politics. She has a lot to catch up on though, and speed doesn't sound like the best feature of someone known as "the Slug Princess".

The mother of Naruto, and the jinchuriki for the Nine Tails before him. She is very kind, but known to get violent when provoked, which along with her red hair earned her the nickname the "Red Hot-Blooded Habanero". She has the same speech tick that Naruto has definitely had for the rest of the series and many of her other features ended up being passed on to him. Before her death, she helped her husband Minato seal the Nine-Tails into Naruto in order to protect their village from destruction.

Student under the Third Raikage and right-hand-man of the Fourth. Darui is a laid-back individual, but incredibly loyal to the Fourth Raikage, for who he acts as a bodyguard. He has a bloodline technique that allows him to manipulate lightning as if it were water, and also inherited the Third's black lightning technique which often manifests itself as a giant panther. Darui also knows his way around a buster sword.

Shikamaru Nara
A member of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Team Asuma. Since the death of his teacher Asuma, Shikamaru has picked up a pretty nasty smoking habit, which I'm sure he'd consider a real drag. Thankfully it doesn't seem to be affecting his physical ability. Plus, it's not like he's gonna be moving around too much what with his shadow manipulation powers.

Choji Akimichi
A member of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Team Asuma. A big and strong boy, Choji is about to grow into an even more powerful ally with his body expansion techniques. Please be kind to him.

Ino Yamanaka
A member of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Team Asuma. Ino's still here, and her mind jacking techniques are just as powerful as ever! Too bad she'll be forever relegated to sideline duty.

Iruka Umino
A ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village and mentor to Naruto before he graduated school. I don't really remember why they decided to add him back in, but there he is! Please protect this man.


One of the co-founders of the Akatsuki. Along with her colleague Pain, she led the Akatsuki and eventually was able to help capture several Tailed Beasts and destroy the Hidden Leaf Village. However, Naruto was able to turn them to the good side, and since then Konan has worked to stop the Akatsuki's plans for world domination. Her paper powers are still the coolest part about her.

The supposed leader and co-founder of the Akatsuki. He was one of the few wielders of the Rinnegan, considered to be the most powerful eye technique, and that's entirely why he's relevant at this point in the story. Madara is out to graverob Pain of his magic eyes and Konan is the only one who knows of his resting place.

Itachi Uchiha
Former member of the Akatsuki and the brother of Sasuke Uchiha. After Itachi's incredibly roundabout plan to get everyone to love Sasuke backfired, he's been brought back to life to see the results of his efforts. Don't be too cruel to him though, he can be a bit i-touchy about the subject.


The Nine-Tails
The strongest of the Tailed Beasts, currently residing inside of Naruto and taking the form of a fox. Cynical and shrewd, the Nine-Tails came to hate humanity after spending years being sought out as a tool of war, before being forced into a Jinchuriki. It tends to be antagonistic towards Naruto and his use of their power, except when prompted by intense negative emotion, when the Nine Tails takes advantage of his compromised emotional state in order to try and take over his body.

Madara Uchiha
The founder of the Uchiha clan. After being snubbed for the spot as First Hokage, he had been making plans to revolt with his clan and destroy the Hidden Leaf Village, using the Nine-Tails as his main weapon. Later he hid himself amongst the Akatsuki as “Tobi”. I wish he was still around. Now, in the current time, it seems he has similar plans again.

Sasuke Uchiha
A former member of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Ninja Team 7 and the current leader of the Taka. Having killed his brother before learning that actually his brother was manipulated by elders and definitely NOT a villain I swear, he is now on a mission to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village, and has an uneasy alliance with Madara Uchiha.

Suigetsu Hozuki
An ex-prisoner of Orochimaru and the first member of Sasuke’s new team. He’s a real thirsty boy and must be constantly hydrated. Suigetsu has kinda ignored his goal of collecting all of his village’s unique swords to follow Sasuke along on his mission to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village.

An ex-jailer for Orochimaru and the second member of Sasuke’s new team. She’s the Sakura of Sasuke’s team but without the possibility of ever being in combat. Also she has two personalities that she constantly switches between: tsundere and violent. What a charmer.

An ex-prisoner of Orochimaru and the final member of Sasuke’s new team. He’s kinda like the Hulk in that he’s a kind soul until he unleashes his hyper-violent side. He really ought to put on some clothes, it can’t be comfortable to walk around everywhere without shoes. Though he doesn’t seem to mind much. Must be his nature magic.


Kisame Hoshigaki
A member of the Akatsuki and one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Much like a shark, Kisame is sadistic and aggressive, and is quick to fight in situation. Also like a shark, he is a master of water techniques and often fights better in a watery environment. His body is also very shark-like, including some actual gills. Unlike a shark, Kisame has an extraordinary amount of chakra in his body, possibly more than any other ninja ever. That’s gotta count for something.

Kabuto Yakushi
Former member of the Hidden Leaf Village, former spy for Sasori, former underling to Orochimaru, currently in works with Madara to start the Fourth Great Ninja War. He injected himself with Orochimaru's DNA and now is a lot more snake than before, including having a snake popping out of his stomach. He's mastered the ability to reanimate and control dead people, which is a major portion of his and Madara's army. Can he scale the rough underground ninja market and become a powerful member of Madara's ranks?

A former member of the Akatsuki. Talk about a blast from the past! Bursting back onto the scene, Deidara is primed and ready to enact revenge on all those who wronged him before. It seems as though he hasn't lost his spark, still able to battle just as well as he did previously.

A former member of the Akatsuki. Once a puppetmaster, now he's being puppeted around by Kabuto to help spark the Fourth Great Ninja War.

A former leader of the Village Hidden in the Rain. As a child, he had a salamander's venom sac implanted in his body to make him poisonous and also immune to poison. He wears the face masks in order to protect others from his poisonous breath. He wields two scythes attached by a chain and was feared for his incredible might before he was killed by Pain. Now he's back, with a vengeance! ...Sort of.

Zabuza Momochi
One of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, also known as the Demon of the Hidden Mist. His strength and ruthlessness in combat gave him a frightening reputation in life, and he was greatly respected for his work as part of the ninja black ops. However, after an unsuccessful attempt on the Mizukage's life, he and several other ninja ran away and became mercenaries. It was during this time that he fought, and eventually died at the hands of, Kakashi's Team 7.

A partner ninja with Zabuza. After Zabuza took him in as a young orphan, Haku was trained to become a great weapon. He had a special bloodline technique that allowed him to combine water and wind magic into ice, which he used mainly in conjunction with his weapon skills as an illusory attack. He devoted himself entirely to Zabuza to give himself a purpose in life, and eventually died protecting him.

Kinkaku and Ginkaku
Also known as the Gold and Silver Brothers. At one point they were devoured by the Nine Tails, but forced the Nine Tails to regurgitate them out by eating him from the inside out. This eventually led them to gain huge chakra reserves, similar to Naruto. They use this newfound power to steal world treasures and assassinate several world leaders and were regarded as powerful but despicable criminals. Now they've been revived, and they're right back to causing havoc.

The Second Tsuchikage. He is one of a small selection of shinobi who are able to use all elements of ninjutsu, and also had the ability to camouflage himself and his chakra aura completely. He also has the ability to split himself completely into two bodies, at the cost of reducing his power by half. Also he can fly, sure. He died in order to kill Gengetsu, the Second Mizukage, his mortal enemy.

The Fourth Kazekage and the father of Gaara. In his attempt to improve the quality of the ninja in his village, he sealed a Tailed Beast in his unborn child, which ended up killing his wife and causing Gaara to become violently unstable. He then spent a lot of time trying to kill his son and take part in other underhanded tactics for power, including allying with Orochimaru. Orochimaru then betrayed him and killed him. Whoops!

The Second Mizukage. He hates Mu for using underhanded tactics, as a very honorable ninja. He's particularly prominent with Water ninjutsu, being able to change himself into a liquid state at will, shoot powerful water bullets from his finger, and also uh create expanding water balloons of himself that would explode. We don't like to talk about that one. Also he can summon giant clams. He died in battle with Mu, but also ended up causing his death for an overall tie.

The Third Raikage, not to be confused with Ay, the Fourth Raikage, his son. The originator of Darui's Black Lightning technique, he is regarded for his incredible strength and durability. He was known for taking on a Tailed Beast on his own, and fighting off 10000 men in order to protect his people. He eventually died in that fight, but he is still respected as the most powerful Raikage.

Madara Uchiha
Wait, I thought the other guy was Madara! So if this is the real deal, then who's the masked asshole???

Yugito Nii
The jinchuriki of the Two-Tailed Matatabi. She was praised in life for her pride and her courageous attitude, and was a well-regarded strategist. Her primary techniques involved using her hair to create powerful fireballs and also lengthening her nails with chakra to turn them into blades.

The jinchuriki of the Three-Tailed Isobu and the Fourth Mizukage. He was called to the lead the Village Hidden in the Mist and was known for being cruel and brutal during his presidency, particularly to those disloyal to the village. He used a hook-ended club in battle and was known for a technique that would completely reflect attacks and jutsus in the form of a water mirror. He was controlled by Tobi during a significant portion of his reign, so this reanimation thing is really nothing new.

The jinchuriki of the Four-Tailed Son Goku. His proficiency in Earth and Fire techniques allowed him to create molten rock, which could be used as an offensive attack or a way for Roshi to armor himself. Also he was a bad jinchuriki who never seemed to make peace or come to terms with his Tailed Beast in any way.

The jinchuriki of the Five-Tailed Kokuo. He was something of a gentle giant personality-wise, but could be incredibly dangerous in battle. He created steam armor using Water and Fire techniques that would reach an incredibly high temperature and then integrate that into his taijutsu attacks.

The jinchuriki of the Six-Tailed Saiken. He was apparently a charmer in his life, and wore a loose kimono to show off his chest. Of all the jinchuriki, he was the most agile and observant. He used a pipe and soap solution in order to fight with deadly bubbles, also adding to his incredible charm. Everyone loves a guy who can do party tricks.

The jinchuriki of the Seven-Tailed Chomei. A happy-go-lucky girl, Fu mostly just wanted to make friends and have fun. She can shoot sparklers out of her mouth, speak to people in secret over long distances, and create webs and cocoons in order to heal or trap other ninja. She had to fight for it but was able to join Naruto's Chunin exams, but was killed soon after.

The Two-Tails
One of the seven tailed beasts controlled by Tobi and taking the form of a bakeneko. He’s got a fur pattern and color scheme that would make Guy Fieri proud, and he's a very polite beast. He can also launch fireballs because I mean obviously.

The Three-Tails
One of the seven tailed beasts controlled by Tobi and taking the form of a turtle but with a crab-like shell. He’s timid but also recognizes his incredible power. He can roll into a ball as an attack, create incredible shockwaves, and also produce hallucinogenic mist.

The Four-Tails
One of the seven tailed beasts controlled by Tobi and taking the form of a big monkey gorilla. Full of pride, he can shoot lava like his host and also breathe fire. He is ready to go ape at any moment in order to protect his self-image.

The Five-Tails
One of the seven tailed beasts controlled by Tobi and taking the form of a white horse with a dolphin's head. Reserved but polite, he can gather steam like his host and infuse it into his chakra in order to do more powerful trampling.

The Six-Tails
One of the seven tailed beasts controlled by Tobi and taking the form of a big ol' slug. He is boastful but kind compared to the other beasts. He also seems to have some nasty tummy troubles that cause him to spew acid as a defense mechanism. Give that guy a pack of Tums and tell him to take a nap, he deserves it.

The Seven-Tails
One of the seven tailed beasts controlled by Tobi and taking the form of a rhinoceros beetle with crazy wings. He's rather happy-go-lucky like his host and I hate him.


Danzo Shimura
An elder of the Hidden Leaf Village and the founder of the Root. Cold and calculating, his constant suspicious action when acting as leader of the Root has caused Danzo to be known as the Ninja of Darkness. While Tsunade is recovering from a coma after the events of Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Danzo convinced the Hidden Leaf Village elders to appoint him as the acting Hokage.

The leader of the Hidden Leaf Village. There have been five Hokages in the history of the Hidden Leaf Village, with Tsunade acting as the fifth and current Hokage.

A catch-all term for any sort of ninja technique, or anything that a ninja couldn’t do naturally. This extends to the use of weapons, as they can be augmented with ninja magic.

Both the physical and spiritual energy inherent in every living being. Can be controlled and manipulated in order to perform jutsus, but is also necessary for basic movement. They also have elemental properties, which give the user certain advantages when using jutsus of that elements.
As far as the game is concerned, it’s just a chargeable special meter.

Genetic ninja abilities that utilize the user’s eyes. Only three are currently known: the Byakugan, the Rinnegan, and the Sharingan. These powers are attached to the physical eyes of the user, so implanting the eye into another person will allow them to use the same powers.

Considered one of the Three Great Eye Techniques and a technique unique to the Uchiha clan. Able to be called on command, it allows the user to see another person’s chakra flow. It also allows the user to copy any technique that they see with the Sharingan and perform it with nigh-perfect accuracy, as long as they have the prerequisite skill or ability to perform them.
Kakashi also has one that he keeps hidden by his headband, except in situations where he thinks it’s necessary, since he is unable to turn it off.

The lowest level of ninja, given as a title to all ninja school graduates. They are put into 4 man squads with 3 genin and a teacher, and can only take on low-ranking missions until they have proven significant development during the Chunin exams.

The middle level of ninja, given as a title to all who pass the Chunin exams. They no longer require a teacher, and can take higher-ranking missions. They also all get a cool jacket to wear and can either continue ninja training or become teachers for the younger ninja.

The highest level of ninja, given as a title to all who the village leaders deem worthy. These ninjas all show high proficiency for multiple types of ninja techniques and are no longer required to work in a group. They also must become teachers to a group of Genin, to act as mentors and help the young ninja find their potential.

The leader of the Hidden Sand Village. There have been five Kazekages in the history of the Hidden Sand Village, with Gaara acting as the fifth and current Kazekage. Gaara’s father was the fourth Kazekage.

A criminal organization of high-ranking rouge ninja. Their main mission is to capture the Tailed Beasts in order to harness their power and start and all-out war with Ninja World. Members of the Akatsuki almost always work in groups of two, in order to have complementary powers.

A catch-all term for any technique based around martial arts or the optimization of natural human abilities. These techniques do not require chakra use or hand seals, and are entirely based on the user’s physical and mental abilities. Every member of Team Guy uses taijutsu almost exclusively.

A catch-all term for any technique based around the use of weapons. Like taijutsu, these techniques do not require chakra use or hand seals, but every weapon requires its own level of mastery. Tenten is the series’ main user of bukijutsu, having mastered the use of every type of weapon.

Chakra Gates
A series of eight “gates” within a person’s body that limits chakra flow. By removing these gates, a person can gain increased strength and physical ability, at the cost of serious internal bodily damage. If all eight gates are released, the user will reach their maximum physical limit, but will absolutely die. The only three characters known to have opened chakra gates are Kakashi, Rock Lee, and Might Guy.

Considered one of the Three Great Eye Techniques and a technique unique to the Hyuga clan. Unlike the other dojutsu, everyone in the Hyuga family can use this technique from birth, and does not require any sort of awakening. When activated, the Byakugan gives the user a near-360 degree field of vision, as well as increasing their field of vision greatly, with the most powerful user increasing it to 10km. It also allows the user to see through walls, smokescreens, and illusions. Finally, the user can see chakra flows, whether it be in seals, in nature, or even in people.

The term used to refer to the vessels of the Tailed Beasts. They tend to be ostracized from their community, due to many people seeing them as just new forms for the much-hated Tailed Beasts. Each Jinchuriki shows incredible power due to the chakra of the Tailed Beasts following through them, and with enough control they can manifest their Tailed Beast either as extensions of themselves, or as a separate entity.

Tailed Beasts
A group of nine living forms of chakra. They each manifest as large monsters with a number of tails, ranging from one to nine. They have an incredible amount of power and more chakra than any person could possibly possess on their own, which they can transfer to any other entity that they wish. While each of them used to run free, they have all been sealed into humans at this point.

Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist
An organization made up of the seven strongest sword wielders in the Hidden Mist Village. Each generation, the strongest fighters for that particular generation are brought together in a battle royale to the death. The seven most powerful members that emerge victorious are given a special blade to weild, though many of the swordsmen master the use of multiple blades. Currently, only three of the current generation’s members are still alive.

Literally meaning “snake”, the new team headed by Sasuke. Sasuke created this team with the goal of killing his brother Itachi. It ultimately is less of a team and more a group of convenience, as it was made up of ninja previously held in Orochimaru’s hideouts before his death.

Ninja abilities that focus on creating illusions. Genjutsu techniques manipulate the flow of chakra in a person’s brain, causing them to feel pain, hallucinate, or otherwise disrupt the person’s senses.

A guardian spirit granted to those who have mastered the Sharingan. Due to its tie to the Sharingan, it is only available to those of Uchiha blood. By unleashing their Susanoo, users are able to create a large humanoid being that can fight alongside the user and protect them. However, it causes incredible strain on their body and uses up a significant amount of life energy. Each Susanoo is unique to its user and has various forms as the user learns to better control it.

Literally meaning “hawk”, the newer team headed by Sasuke. Sasuke created this team with the goal of destroying the Hidden Leaf Village. It is made up of the members of his previous team, the Hebi, and has Madara Uchiha as the background leader.

Considered one of the Three Great Eye Techniques. It is unaffiliated with any clan, but is most known for being the technique of The Sage of Six Paths, one of the founding ninja. It has a lot of powers attached to it, primarily those of the Six Paths. The Deva Path allows the user to repel and attract objects, the Asura Path grants the user armor and the use of mechanized weapons, the Human Path can read minds, the Animal Path allows the user to summon support creatures, the Preta Path can absorb chakra, and the Naraka path allows the user to summon the King of Hell to help in interrogations. There's also the secret Outer Path which gives the user limited control over life and death. There are some other smaller powers attached to it, but these are the important ones and this is already going on pretty long.

Also known as Sage Jutsu. A type of ninjutsu based around absorbing energy from the surrounding atmosphere and terrain, and then combining it with one's own chakra. Currently, senjutsu can only be learned from magical frogs from Mount Myoboku or magical snakes from Ryuchi Cave.

An officially disbanded but still active subdivision of the Anbu, headed by Danzo. Often, Root members handle the less respectable sort of missions. Danzo has trained these ninja to act according to what he believes is the best for the Hidden Leaf Village, defying even the orders of the Hokage if need be. Danzo implants a cursed seal on all members in order to stop them from ever revealing information about him or the organization. Notable members of the Root, former or current, include Sai, Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Yamato.

Short for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai, or Special Assassination and Tactical Squad. Basically the black ops of ninja, every member is hand-picked by the leader of the village to serve them. Once they're accepted, they hide their identity with a mask and are trained in things like recon and assassination and sometimes even interrogation tactics. Each village has its own distinct branch of Anbu.

The leader of the Hidden Cloud Village. There have been four Raikages in the history of the Hidden Leaf Village, all named Ay with a brother named Bee.

The leader of the Hidden Mist Village. There have been five Mizukages in the history of the Hidden Leaf Village, with Mei Terumi acting as the fifth and current Mizuakge. The fourth Mizukage was the jinchuriki of the Three-Tailed Beast, Yagura.

The leader of the Hidden Stone Village. There have been three Tsuchikages in the history of the Hidden Leaf Village, with Ohnoki acting as the fifth and current Tsuchikage.

The amalgamation of all the Tailed Beasts. It is believed that once the Akatsuki has control over all of the Tailed Beasts, Madara will be able to harness their powers together to become the jinchuriki of the Ten Tails and gain ultimate power.

Project Tsuki-no-Me
Also known as "Eye of the Moon Plan". Once Madara gains the powers of all the Tailed Beasts, he plans to reflect a powerful genjutsu off of the Moon in order to enslave the entire planet under his rule, ending all war and conflict.
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