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by mateo360

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Original Thread: Tree Jumping Simulator Let's Play Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm



What is this anime shit?

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Is the first game in the Storm series of game which are a continuation of the Ultimate Ninja fighting series from the PS2. The Storm series adds in RPG elements such as over world maps & side quests.

Is this game good?

Ummm... not really so much. They were trying a lot of things in this game. Some things stuck well but other I am glad were removed from future games. The game can get very repetitive at times and thus there will be a lot of editing .

Ok, so what parts of the story does this game cover?

The first Storm game covers all the the first part of Naruto before the three year time skip in the story.

Can I talk about...

We are going with light spoilers on this. Don't give a full on chapter by chapter breakdown of specific parts of the story we haven't seen or won't see in this game, but if we mention something in a video you can give your opinion on whatever we are talking about.

Combat Lobster will be joining me through this train wreck of a game and LP

Full Youtube Playlist here:


Episode 1 - Learning the Basics after Graduation
Episode 2 - Hiding in a Hidden Village
Episode 3 - Leaping from Tree to Tree to Tree
Episode 4 - I thought We Finished School? Why Are We Taking an Exam?
Episode 5 - Damn Trees and Snake Men
Episode 6 - Of Knifes and Piss
Episode 7 - Guy Sensei, Why Did You Poison Me?
Episode 8 - Naruto's Angels
Episode 9 - Fighting a Giant Frog is Normal, RIght?
Episode 10 - Celebrating Other's Victories
Episode 11 - Bugs, Sand, and Hide & Seek. Ah Damn
Episode 12 - I Need an Adult
Episode 13 - Kaiju Showdown
Episode 14 - Fired Up Training
Episode 15 - Hiding in the Rings
Episode 16 - Same Fights, Different Characters
Episode 17 - Fighting a Giant Fro- Err Wait a Minute...
Episode 18 - Ninja Dieting
Episode 19 - Acid Slime
Episode 20 - I is Good Editor
Episode 21 - Enter Kimimaru
Episode 22 - Fighting the Legendary Warriors
Episode 23 - Just Die Already Kimimaru
Episode 24 - Remember the Time I Tried to Kill You
Episode 25 - Naruto vs Sasuke
Episode 26 - Side Quest Round Up
Episode 27 - "True" Ending
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