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Original Thread: Forever banned to the realms of the NeverDead



Once upon a time, Konami used to release lots of games, sometimes even ones of slightly experimental nature.

So, one day they decided to hit the world with an action game about a protagonist who cannot die while slicing up enemies across destructible levels to some kick-ass Megadeth soundtrack.

Then they realised that the players might die of too much fun, and a contingency plan was put into motion.

The plan was successful, in that Neverdead was mostly rated (well) below 7/10, and is currently the 20th worst-rated PS3 action title on GameFAQs. And there's some fierce competition there.

1UP review posted:

NeverDead is a game, and it can be completed.

Good enough for me!

Still, there are some positives, like nice visual design, and the loud music drowning out the speech and the explosions. Also, it's not Knights Contract.

As for the story, it's a dumb action movie plot with a few twists, such a-

OK, I'll shut up.
Well then...

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