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Neverending Nightmares

by countzio

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Original Thread: Thomas, wake up. Seriously. - Let's Play Neverending Nightmares



(Note: This LP is done with the developer's permission to bypass the 3 months requirement)

What is this game?

Neverending Nightmares is an indie horror game that's a semi-autobiographical take on the lead dev's problems with OCD and depression, part of which was thanks to his previous game flopping.

You play as a man called Thomas who has constant nightmares about his death, his sister's death or other messed up things. The problem is that he wakes up from one nightmare to go into the next one.

It's a really short game (like you can get all three endings in about 2 hours) but I think it's one of the better indie horror games released in a while. You can either get for the PC or the OUYA.

How's this LP going to work?

I'm going with subtitles for commentary instead of talking because I don't think my dumb nerdy voice is gonna to add anything to the game.

I will be showing all of the endings, of course. Maybe not show off every single path to get to them but what I don't show in a video, I'll make up in explanations.

So I'm guessing no spoilers for this, huh?

Yes! Horror games are no fun if someone just ruins all of the fun so if you played the game and know stuff ahead of the videos, please keep it to yourself!

Also, some scenes in this game are pretty disturbing, the videos with those scenes have been tagged with NSFW

(PS. The first few videos are poorly timed so the subtitles might be too fast for people to read. That has been fixed in the other videos.)


Episode 1: The Nightmare Begins + The Coming Storm *NSFW*YouTube
Episode 2: Lost ChildYouTube
Episode 3: InsanityYouTube
Episode 4: Childish Things + Destroyed Dreams *NSFW*YouTube
Episode 5: Together At Last *NSFW*YouTube
Episode 6: The Final Descent YouTube
Episode 7: Wayward Dreamer *NSFW*YouTube
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