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NiGHTS Into Dreams

by Mico

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Original Thread: What happens when Yuji Naka gets his hands on some LSD? NiGHTS Into Dreams



I do not really know how to explain this game in a way that sounds enticing so I'm just gonna wing it. NiGHTS into dreams was an action game for the Sega Saturn. It got released on Steam, The PS3 and the 360 a while back with updated HD Graphics (Which to be totally honest with you are from a 2008 Japan only PS2 re-release of the game). It's an action sidescroller in which you collect tiny blue orbs in order to smash into a giant clear orb to free a medium sized orb of varying colors. Then you spend your remaining time earning bonus points. Trust me it's alot more fun than it sounds.

The basic rundown of the story is that there's this dude Wizeman who is stealing the Ideya, which are the colored orbs I mentioned earlier, from sleeping kids, in this case Claris and Elliot, so that he can gain power and take over Nightopia or something. In order to help him with this he created a bunch of things called Nightmaren, including two really powerful ones. They are NiGHTS and Reala. Except NiGHTS went rogue on him and was imprisoned in the Ideya Palace (oh shit!). Claris and Elliot can Dualize with NiGHTS or whatever in order to go free four of their stolen Ideyas in each level.

Join us on a magical journey through the land of Nightopia as I do my best to explain this weird as shit game.

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