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Part 3: In which The Cutest Idol in the Universe meets up with her entourage for the first time

In which The Cutest Idol in the Universe meets up with her entourage for the first time

Greetings and Salutations, everyone! This will be a very short update for you all and a very hellish update for me, since we will be meeting the rest of the school idol group Nico's part of, µ's!


Last we left off, we entered the clubroom. There’s like a 3 second gap between the end of that update and now but transcribing is hard okay

Ah, welcome back!

The others are at their posts already.
Their posts? The hell’s with that?
More importantly, hurry up and do it!
What? Do what?

Huh? Don’t wanna.
But Nico-chan, you’ll never go back to the real world if you don’t do it!
What? Why?
Aaah!! Stop asking questions! We’re all waiting for you, okay?!
You picking a fight here?!
H-, hey, let’s calm down here.
Anyways, please do us this favor, Nico!
Ah jeez, what’s with this…

Anyway, welcome to the Clubroom! This is where the rest of µ's aside from Nico and Honoka, who stabbed us, are. We come here in downtime between dungeons to save, and more importantly make me realise I’m in over my head and explaining the jist of Love Live well enough for people to follow coherently is a task too Herculean for a first-timer. Anyway, The Menu™! Gawk at how hand-drawn some of the UI is! OooOOooOOo!

Jokes aside, There’s 4 things to do here: Explore, Talk, Visit, and Save. Let’s go through them, shall we?

Explore shows us a preview of the next dungeon we’ll be going through. As previously stated, the first dream we’ll be tackling is Kotori’s, with 7 floors and Kotori herself as our partner. The line below about fangs is a 2ch joke that’s based on a children’s radio program that I could not even begin to explain to you. We still have options to go through, so let’s back out for now.

Selecting Talk lets us talk to the three other members of µ's that we’ll be… Inceptioning? Dream-walking? Whose dreams we’ll be going into this game. The one holding a Chunslime is Kotori Minami, the one taking notes is Eli Ayase, and the one twirling her hair is Maki Nishikino. We’ll be getting more into each of them inside their dreams proper, but if you want a quick memo for why they’re here: Fellow costume designer, dance choreographer and fellow third-year, shared a song about where they share so many longing glances that it’s like their eyes are magnetized. Maki and Eli also make up the other two-thirds of the sub-unit Nico’s part of, BiBi. But enough about MY textdumps, let’s see the game’s!NOTE: these are all randomly selected, so you would usually have to mash talk to see all of them. I have spared you all the effort.

Kotori, before her dream posted:

Looks like I'm up first! Let's do our best, Nico-chan!
Chun chun.
So fluffy... You wanna try touching him too, Nico-chan?
What should our next outfits be...
Ah, you're good to go? I'm ready whenever you are.
Chirp chirp.

Maki, on the first visit posted:

Just get it all over with, will you?
What do you want? Don't talk to me if you have nothing to do.
...What are you looking at?
...What is it?
Hey, don't distract me.
Huh? Hurry up and go to Kotori's dream already.

Eli, freshly dreamt up posted:

You have it rough too, huh… Ah, sorry. I’m just talking to myself.
Hm? What's up?
Don't worry about me, just go to Kotori's dream for now.
Things have gotten a lot easier after retiring from the student council.
What am I writing? Heheh, it's a secret.
Wh-, hey! No looking.

Visit lets us visit the other members of µ's that we haven’t seen yet. Introductions… Will have to wait, since I need to show off the most important feature of the game. Drumroll, please...

:siren:You’re gonna want to watch this.:siren:

Game of the Millenium 25252/10

With that sorted out, let’s go visit some more of our fellow school idols, shall we?


First off is Umi Sonoda, second year and childhood friends with both Kotori and Honoka. She’s the prim and proper type, with her father being a martial arts trainer and mother being a traditional Japanese dance instructor; with her being expected to inherit the combined dojo of both.
Huh? What’s with this place?
Now then, please take a seat over there!
Huh? Ah, sure.
Now Nico, you must focus your mind!
Focus your miiiiiiind!!!!!
Ah, sure.
How is it?
Huh? What do you mean, how...
Your mind has become clearer, has it not?!
Has it not?!
Ah, sure.
Very well!!
Now then, please do come again.

If we come here again posted:

So you've come again, Nico!
I wonder why I came here again…
You have a righteous heart.
Please take a seat.
Ah, sure.
Whoa, that came out fast.
Now then, please do come again.
It ended fast too.


Next off is Nozomi Tojo! She’s into fortune telling with tarot, the vice president of the student council, and was instrumental to µ's formation as well as being the person who Nico has known the longest. She’s also a bit of a cheeky prankster. Let’s get our fortune read, so we have something to blame if I mess up on the dungeon.
What are you doing here, Nozomi?
Non non, no Nozomi here, just Non-tan.
Nicocchi, it looks like you're in need of my fortune-telling, are you not?
Not really.
This is the card that will guide your path!

Damn, can’t blame my failure on bad RNG.
It's "The Sun" tarot card!
A bright future is waiting for you, Nicocchi!
Do your best! I'll be cheering you on!

Non, N’est pas Nozomi, Je m'appelle Non-tan! posted:

Oh, back again Nicocchi? Did you like my fortune-telling that much?
Not really.
It's fine, I'll tell you your fortune as many times as you need.
This is the card that will guide your path!
[they show you the sun again but damned if I'm gonna gonna go digging for where it is in the files]
It's "The Sun" tarot card!
A bright future is waiting for you, Nicocchi!
Do your best! I'll be cheering you on!


Next is Rin Hoshizora, first-year and resident catgirl of µ's. Funnily enough, she’s actually allergic to cats and dislikes fish, but considering my idol knowledge I shouldn’t be throwing stones. She’s part of a trio along with Nico and Honoka for the worst grades in µ's. My condolences?
Huh? What's going on?
Her name was Creme Puff, a female cat.
She was 38 years old, can you believe it, nya?
What are you looking so smug for.
Come back soon, nya!
Huh? That's it?

We came back like she asked, Nya. posted:

Hweh? You came back?
You said come back soon, didn't you?
Oh, umm... Do you know who the oldest cat that ever lived was, nya?
You already said that.
Her name was Cream... some-thing? And she lived for at least 36 years, nya.
What a memory.
What are you looking so smug for.
Come back soon, nya!
You don't want me to come back, do you?

MUSIC: Strategy Meeting

Last on the docket is Hanayo Koizumi, a first year and the best friend of Rin. She’s the shy foil to Rin’s tomboyish bundle of energy, and is really big into idols, like Nico. She also likes food, and rice in particular. Rin also proposed to her in supplemental material, and they kissed. That last one’s not relevant to this game, I just wanted to share it.
Nico-chan! Welcome!
What's with this place... What are you doing here?
Please place your order!
N-, no way, not even you are listening to what I'm saying?!
Understood! Please wait just a second!
You really aren't listening at all.
Here you go, Nico-chan! Koshihikari from Uonuma!
Whoa, that looks good...
You've just gotta eat the king of all rice at least once!
...So where's the rest of the meal?
Well, I mean, this is just rice so...
...Thanks for the food.
I'll leave the bill right here, okay?!
You're charging me for this huh...
We look forward to seeing you again!
Huh? I didn't even get to eat it.

Yeah but like, I did want that rice. posted:

Nico-chan! Welcome!
Here you go, Nico-chan! Koshihikari from Uonuma!
I haven't even taken a seat yet.
We look forward to seeing you again!
Ah, it's over.

And that’s all to cover in the clubroom this time! Join me next time on my quest of madness as I attempt to explain episode 13 to people that haven’t seen episode 1.