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Nico Yazawa Is Dreaming

by Meta_Mia

Part 11: Nico Yazawa is a liar.

Nico Yazawa is a liar.


I’m gonna become a super idol one day…
So all your whispering means nothing to me…


Just ignore their whispers and focus on licking your wounds.

You can’t run and you can’t hide. What is to be done?

It’s simple, really. What you’ve been doing all this time:

Putting smiles on people’s faces.

They were begging for me to join, it’s tough being this popular.

Just ignore them.

What they say doesn’t matter. You’ll make it not matter.

She’s a little younger, so she’s a bit more gullible.

Not like it matters anyway. Why would they ever doubt what you say?

They begged for me to use it too, you see.
So I’ll be there most of the time after school…

Twisting the truth to fit in impossible knots.

Pretending not to hear the overt mockery.

Numbing yourself to your mentality being shaved away, bit by bit.

You basically don’t even have to try with how young he is. He trusts you completely.

As long as you can stomach betraying their implicit trust, it’s all too easy.

As long as you can follow up lies with bigger lies, it’s effortless.

You guys be careful too, you need to look out for paparazzi as my siblings!

As long as they’re smiling, it’s fine.

No matter what happens to you, it’s fine.

She’s a bit harder to trick, but it’s for her own good.
She’s too busy with work to be worrying about you anyway.

Ah, ahaha, y-, yeah, it’s fine.
...Yeah! I’m having a lot of fun every day!

Yeah! Do your best at work too!
And I’ll… be working hard too…

Failure normally carries the faintest of silver linings;
at least you aren’t tormented by the knowledge of what might have been—

They’re the same age as me…
And yet, I……

The seasons change and fall,

the trees shed their leaves,

but you’re still here, and you’re still stuck.

Left to wallow in trivialities.

What?!! How can you not tell?!

They’re A-RISE. A-RISE.
They’re school idols.
Yes, an idol group formed at a school. Don’t you know anything?

God, for a second-year like her to be so clueless.
She can’t even read the pamphlet she was holding?

Who dares disregard me like this?
......! Her…?!

She probably thinks this is just some sort of game you can do easily!

Reality will………




...Looks like my luck has finally turned around!

...But, how am I going to explain this back at home?

......I know.

With a steady, practised hand. Like you’ve always done.

Just like when you made those flyers.

Heh, I did a pretty good job! Nothing looks out of place!
Yeah, it looks way better with me in the center!

The dominoes are falling faster now.

Lies on lies on lies on lies—

Heheh, I know, right?
These girls?

Disguising your bandmates as your entourage,

This futile game of whack-a-mole, getting faster and faster—

So since they kept asking I let them be my backup dancers.

But well, there’s eight of them so they should be fine to at least debut.



You couldn’t hit all of the moles if you had 9 arms to do it with.

But you can’t stop. You’re up to your elbows in fallen dominoes.

Ah, aaah, right, it was written in one of the posters, huh…

So you shamble onward, doing what you do best.

The music fades.

Eight lies, for eight fr██nds b██dm█t█s m█s█

Backup dancers.

A cut to black.

Fading into an unfamiliar stage.


You’ve been pretty annoying, this whole time.

Another beat.

There’s nobody else here.


You’re really getting on my nerves now.
Why are you acting like you know everything about me?

She leaves the side, and…

Fades in center stage.

Who even are you?

Your dream.

What did you say?!

What the hell would you know?!

I’ve been with you for so long now…

I know how you lived to get this far.
I know how you feel right now.

Yeah, yeah, brag all you want.
I need to get past here.

So I’ll go ahead and defeat you now!

She talks a big game, but she’s fairly mediocre in all aspects.

Relative to everyone else, there’s nothing she does particularly well;
no specialty to call her own.

Just ignore her.

Don’t think too hard about what she’s saying.

Focus on surviving today, one step at a time.

The music fades.

I did it…!
I won!

Aah, sorry, sorry. You just made me laugh.


......Why would you ever think that you could defeat me?

I watched as you were so lost and unreasonable.
I watched as you were so helplessly hurt, time and time again.

All alone in that dark club room, hugging your knees.

......It’ll all be fine, Nico.
We got this far working hard together, right?
I will always support you, as you do your best to make me come true.

To a place where you can run from yourself, and never be hurt.
To our castle, where you can be an invincible future super idol.

I will continue to support you from this moment onward too.

From here on out…

The game closes.