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Nico Yazawa Is Dreaming

by Meta_Mia

Part 14: Nico Yazawa takes her hand.

Nico Yazawa takes her hand.

You’re going to want to want to watch the video for this one.

Thank you.
...But, there’s still something that I must do.
...Would you come with me?

Warm smiles by warmer people.
.........Thank you.

The last walk,

to the final set of stairs.

This is it.

Fading in to a now-familiar stage—

What could you possibly want from me?
Good for you. You got your happy ending. It’s all over, isn’t it?
Or what? You’re not going to be satisfied unless you defeat me? Is that it?

Just who the hell do you think I am?
I’m the number one idol in the universe, Nico Yazawa!
I’m here…

:siren:MUSIC: Sending You Magic:siren:

Bring a smile to my face?
Do you really think you can do that?
You, who can’t even face me, and would rather hide and tremble in a corner?

You’re stuck between your lies and reality, about to be torn apart by it all.
It’s just so comical, you’ll make me laugh again.
...Ah. Is this what you meant by bringing a smile to my face?

I might not be able to make you smile all on my own.
And, I might actually be far from being the number one idol in the universe.
Not facing myself was the only way to keep a sense of who I was…

But, right now…
I’m with those who would make me the real number one idol in the universe.

The beat drops, and the LIVE starts!

A true #1 IDOL in the universe!

But, right now, I think I kinda get it, just a bit.
...Tch, c’mon, let’s do it! Don’t mess this up!
Ehehe, but of course!

The answers that seemed impossible to face before seem so obvious now.

Now, again!

Oh yeah, I never gave you an answer, did I?
I… have no choice but to become an idol.

Then that’d be fine too.
......What’s with that? Isn’t that contradictory?
Huuh? ‘Course it’s not.
...But well, there’s no way it’s not gonna happen, so it doesn’t matter!

...Look at you acting all high and mighty, think you can keep up with me?
Obviously. Good grief. I’m only ever doing this once, okay?


Blast past that rut you’ve been stuck in straight to the stars!

The nine goddesses of music are right here, right now!

Nozomi and I designed that outfit, do you like it…?
...Well, it’s not bad.
...I see! I’m glad you think so.

It’s only thanks to this dress, that I can stand here right now.

Yeah, I really am.
......Come on! Let’s go! Try to keep it together here!

...Yeah, you were right! It’s not that bad at all!

Once more, and then another after that!

A smile for today, and tomorrow too!

...Haah, it’s all about you in the end, isn’t it? It always is.
It makes me sick. I really hate that about you.
Whaaa?! H-, hate?! Why?!

J-, jeez…
What is it?

Yeah! You can definitely do it, Nico-chan!

Like you always told yourself you could.


Of course! Let’s do it! On your mark!

「Sending you magic, the magic of a smile

To make everyone happy, the magic of a smile」

The music starts to fade.

But, I’m fine now.
I’ve got friends who would take my hand and walk by my side.
I see.
And so…

......I’d love to.
I’m so happy for you.

I’ll put THE biggest smile you’ve ever had on your face!
Here I go!


Nico Nico Nii!
Looks like she really loves doing that.
It seems like she likes making her sister happy.

It’s like we’ve got our very own idol at home.

What is it?
Nico has a really good idea!

That’s wonderful.
Yeah! I’m gonna be the biggest idol in the world!
And make the whole world smile!

Of course you can.
Forget about the world, you can become the biggest idol in the universe!

That’s right! The number one idol in the universe!
Jeez, honey…

Nico’s gonna be the number one idol in the universe!