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by ArclightBorealis

Part 8: Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Chapter 4

Tairon looks nicer in HD, and it is here we see one of the first of many instances where the developers wanted to eliminate moments of backtracking to speed up progression. Even though the results aren't always as good...

Twin Serpent's Plaza/Military Gate
Clock Tower/Great Bridge Square
Pleasure Street


SAT Motorcycle
A new addition to Sigma, these enemies are like the more modern version of the Samurai horsemen fought in Chapter 2. Unfortunately, the same strategies do not work exactly here, as they move around the arena very fast in a not circular fashion, and their gun attacks makes it less viable to just stand and peg them with the bow. Using a flying swallow at the right angle is the best chance to get them (or a guilotine throw, which is more risky), and after they're knocked off the bike they revert to being regular SAT commandos. There is also a side car variant of these enemies but they only appear once two chapters from now and are dealt with in pretty much the same way (except that each bike has two commandos instead of one).