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Part 14: Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Chapter 7

Back through the monastery and underground in HD, we look at how this chapter is a good example of updating visuals without changing the intent of the original, as well as other semi-relevant tangents to pass the time.

Dworku Monastery
Underground Cemetary

Dragon's Claw & Tiger's Fang Lvl. 3

The max level for these hacked in weapons. Level 3 doesn't offer nearly as many new moves the way Level 2 did, but it does make an excellent addition by giving many airborne moves an extra heavy attack, which results in Ryu doing a 360 spin upon landing the previous hit. This further makes the dual swords a pretty good weapon for dealing with enemies crowded together.


These replace the bats that show up in the Underground Cemetary. They actually function alot like the Cyclops Wasps in that they just hang around until they choose to lunge at Ryu, which has enough power to disrupt his block and stun him. But like Bats, they are incredibly weak and easy to kill, using a projectile like the Windmill Shuriken works well on groups of these.