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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

by Chip Cheezum, General Ironicus

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Original Thread: It's called fashionably late, fuckface. No More Heroes 2 [VLP]



I love No More Heroes. It's about a douchebag who loves anime and wrestling and he kills the hell out of everybody. It's a crazy game created by crazyman Suda 51. If you haven't seen the first No More Heroes, you should check out our LP of it. We've also LP'd Suda's most insane game, Killer7.

There are no gimmicks for this LP. It's straight up live commentary of a game we both love combined with side videos of us making fun of some hilariously bad anime.

1) Don't spoil crazy shit that happens. Don't spoil the story. Don't spoil the bosses. Don't spoil anything. This includes bad anime theater as well, not just the game.
2) It's okay to talk about anime since there's a lot of anime going on in this game and the videos, but that isn't an excuse to post bad. The only animes you can talk about are ones we mention in videos or make fun of. This shit will get reigned in so hard if people start posting bad and being weird and/or creepy.

As always, our videos come with dual-commentary that lets you listen to our commentary during cutscenes. To do this, just download the video and play it in something like Media Player Classic or VLC. Make sure to switch the audio track! You can also just watch the uncut videos that we upload now.

Previous Suda51 LPs:
No More Heroes

Episode 1 - Fashionably LateC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 2 - Cat MassageC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 3 - Rank 50 FightC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 4 - PipersC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 5 - Rank 49 FightC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 6 - Racin'C&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 7 - Ranking ChallengeC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 8 - Rank 24 FightC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 9 - MeatC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 10 - SpaceC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 11 - HateC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 12 - Battle RoyaleC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 13 - BanksC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 14 - WarehousesC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 15 - Rank 07 FightC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 16 - RemakeC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 17 - Pinkyu CatC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 18 - Rank 04 FightC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 19 - Rank 03 FightC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 20 - Rank 02 FightC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 21 - Downward DogC&I CutC&I Uncut
Episode 22 - Rank 01 FightC&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight 51 & New Game+C&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight 50C&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight 49C&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight ChallengeC&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight 24C&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight 23C&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight RoyaleC&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight 9C&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight 8C&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight 7C&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight DreamC&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight 4C&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight 3C&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight 2C&I CutC&I Uncut
Bitter Fight 1C&I CutC&I Uncut

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