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by Chip Cheezum

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Original Thread: Let's find that exit they call Paradise! - Let's Play No More Heroes [VLP]


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No More Heroes was a game released on the Nintendo Wii on January 22nd of 2008. Developed by Suda51, most known for the Gamecube game Killer7, No More Heroes carries the Suda51 tradition of being very bizarre and having a unique graphical style. While Killer7 was a polarizing game with love it or hate it gameplay, No More Heroes was widely accepted as being an enjoyable, if unpolished experience. A sequel to No More Heroes was announced not too long ago. No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle will be released on the Wii with a tentative date of early 2010. The teaser for it can be seen here.

The game follows Travis Touchdown, a lonely nerd who loves anime and professional wrestling. After spending all of his money on a lightsaber he found on the internet, Travis kills a man who turns out to be the 11th ranked assassin in the United States. Now the 11th ranked assassin, Travis goes out to kill the rest and become number one.

The game plays out like a 3D beat-em-up with some similarities to God Hand. Combat is incredibly gory with blood spewing everywhere while you use motion controls for special attacks. The highpoints of the game that contain most of the creativity are in each of the assassins that you must fight. The game also contains an open city, although it's really just a way for you to drive in between missions.

EDIT: You can make requests on what clothing Travis should wear during videos.

Videos are done with commentary from myself and General Ironicus. Unless you can't use the site for some reason, watch these on Gamevee as they are in higher quality on that site. Gamevee is dead and so these are now only on Viddler.


No More Heroes #1: Rank 10 PreludeC&I
No More Heroes #2: Rank 10 FightC&I
No More Heroes #3: CO-CO-NUTZC&I
No More Heroes #4: Rank 9 FightC&I
No More Heroes #5: Mowing MadnessC&I
No More Heroes #6: GRINDC&I
No More Heroes #7: Rank 8 FightC&I
No More Heroes #8: Garba-geC&I
No More Heroes #9: Rank 7 FightC&I
No More Heroes #10: PumpersC&I
No More Heroes #11: Rank 6 FightC&I
No More Heroes #12: Rank 5.5 FightC&I
No More Heroes #13: Rank 5 FightC&I
No More Heroes #14: Dad Buster's RevengeC&I
No More Heroes #15: Rank 4 FightC&I
No More Heroes #16: Rank 3 FightC&I
No More Heroes #17: Extreme Bug ExterminationC&I
No More Heroes #18: Rank 2 FightC&I
No More Heroes #19: FINAL GRINDC&I
No More Heroes #20: Rank 1 FightC&I
No More Heroes #20.5: Slowed DownC&I
No More Heroes #21: The Real EndingC&I
No More Heroes #22: New Game+C&I
No More Heroes #23: Kill ReelC&I

Bitter Rank Run

No More Heroes Bitter: Rank #10C&I
No More Heroes Bitter: Rank #9C&I
No More Heroes Bitter: Rank #8C&I
No More Heroes Bitter: Rank #7C&I
No More Heroes Bitter: Rank #6C&I
No More Heroes Bitter: Rank #5C&I
No More Heroes Bitter: Rank #4C&I
No More Heroes Bitter: Rank #2C&I
No More Heroes Bitter: Rank #1C&I
No More Heroes Bitter: The FinaleC&I

Misc Videos

No More Heroes Bonus #1: Ironicus
No More Heroes Bonus #2: Retsupurae No More HeroesYouTube
No More Heroes Bonus #3: Instakill

Certain parts of the game can become very repetitive and a bit of a grind, so if a lot of repetitive fighting, driving, or grinding for money comes up, it will either be sped up or cut out in order to show of the parts of the game that are interesting. Repetitive fights and driving will be sped up considerably once they have been fully demonstrated, while grinding for money will be done off-screen.
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