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Part 1: Monsaic Lines


Your skill at this game is extremely well complemented by your professional presentation.

Oh no...expectations....


I didn't even know this was a Playstation game, I had it on the PC. I never could get anywhere with it because I was a really dumb kid but I remember being fascinated by the setting, and I'm still sad to this day that the Hand of Odd never got made.

edit: wait, according to Wikipedia they actually are making it?? holy shit

Not to be rude, but I wouldn't hold your breath. Not only does JAW have a bad habit of working on like a million things at once, but last I heard Hand of Odd might turn out to be a browser game of some sort. It's always going to be one of those unreachable things for me (just like Sligstorm )

School has started back up, and I thank you for being patient about updates. Here is a video. If you watched my Munch LP, you'll know I have the oddworld artbook. This artbook gives some neat flavor text about locations, it's time to break it out again.

05: Monsaic Lines


The Monsaic Lines are the unpspoiled wilderlands of Mudos. The ancient Mudokon adorned their holy wilderness with rock art to tell the story of their people. Initiates of Mudokon cult and secret societies wandered the Monsaic lines to disocver their own souls and to learn the history of their culture. This sacred region is bereft of extensive population or powerful structures. Sligs rarely tread here. While the rock art covered structures are ancient, they have been carefully maintained by Native Mudokon and various holy personages (such as the mudokon Shaman). The superstructure consist of a huge root system that supports the land masses. There is a large reservoir under Monsaic Hidden which accounts for the moss-covered stone and wood. Deep within the caverns is a holy chamber known as the Monsaic Sanctum. It's where freed Mudokons are safe-housed. They are brought here to regain their spiritualism and get in touch with nature. Mudokons can be seen chanting and meditating in peace similar to Buddhist monks.